5.2 changed the procchance from RoF

so i started a little sample on the training dummys
i kept RoF aktive on 6 dummys and spammed Chaos Bolts with the generated embers
about 2 CB / RoF execute so i was between 0 and 30 embers all the time
i started with 10 embers and stopped after about 4 minutes when i reached exactly 10 embers

Recount collected the numbers:
59 Chaos Bolts
1374 RoF ticks

RoF generates 2 Embers when it proccs
so this smal sample represents a procchance of 21,5% per tick)

maybe others want to post their data too.

I remember to have seen somewhere that the procchance is 20%,
so i kinda proved this data to myself and wanted to share it with you guys.