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    Herald of the Titans
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    Dec 2012
    I really want to try it ! So exciting, i love TCG !
    I don't think that it's a good idea to include it as a WoW feature simply cause it's not only for WoW players, i'm happy about it cause there is actually no good virtual TCG on the web, i think that i'll play it a bit, to relax myself.

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    I'm a fan of the TCG and casually collect & play it so this is only a bonus for me! It would of been cool to integrate it into World of Warcraft though, I mean that would of been an amazing feature to add in-game as well as standalone.

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    Herald of the Titans Marston's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    I am somehow suprised, but since it was "something different" I also thought it would be something among those lines. I am however really pleased. Looks funny. I just hope we get the two missing classes from WoW and more cards as time goes by.

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    Dreadlord Ciarán's Avatar
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    It's ok I guess, nothing spectacular but could be fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnawty View Post
    They are rolling out the April Fools jokes early this year.
    The only joke here is that people actually expected something major to be announced. Blizzard has always done those at Blizzcon.

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    Free-to-play, but if you only earn cards by playing other players, I think I won't enjoy it. I'd rather have a Duels of the Planeswalker feel to it, than Magic Online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    Looks meh to me. Never been into cards, and it looks a bit childish.

    What annoys me is the fact that they hyped this game so much. I love mobile gaming, but this game did not deserve the attention it got in the last few weeks.
    They didn't hype it. They said it wasn't something big. How did they hype it?

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    Pit Lord Mechazod's Avatar
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    I love card based games like Culdcept Saga, the Metal Gear Ac!d games, the older Magic: The Gathering video games and Pokemon Trading Card game on the GameBoy and this game does really look cool with the crafting system, game play and the art/sound/card design.

    However I hate the free to play model for games (unless its a buy an MMO, play for free kind), I rather pay a one time price for all the content for something. I also dislike the fact that it seems to only be centered around vs mode with the only other option being A.I. practice modes, which are neat, but the thing I liked about the previous games I mentioned is they all had a type of PvE scenarios to them which kept me hooked.

    So cool concept, dont like the F2P model, rather have it launch with more modes and may tinker with it some time, but heavily doubt I will invest much any time in it.

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    You can already sign up for the beta on your battlenet account settings page folks.

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    And so WoW begins its journey to mobile platforms!

    I like it.

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    I really like it. Looks like it'll be a fun little game. I don't think any computer game will ever beat true tabletop gaming though ... assuming, of course, you have a good DM and player group...and a cool-looking set of dice.

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    Field Marshal
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    Sep 2012
    I like the idea, always liked card games and hopefully this will be as easy as they said to just jump in and out of.

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    Warchief Byniri's Avatar
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    East Lansing, Michigan.
    Last thing I have to say:


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    I was surprised to say at least. I always wanted to try these TCG's so I guess I can now.

    But seriously I don't get people. Why do they bash Blizzard about this. It's just 15 developers and it doesn't take develpment time from their other games. Also they give a little game to do something well you're bored and people don't like that? Why?

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    The Lightbringer Mojo Risin's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    We gave it that attention. They hinted at something and we just exploded with speculation and upped our own expectations.
    We didn't do anything. When a company of Blizzard's stature drops an invitation or a teaser for an announcement, they know people are going to go crazy. This is the sort of game they should have just dropped on us on a lazy Monday. PAX East presentation unwarranted.
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    Pandaren Monk GenaiTN's Avatar
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    Brighton, East Sussex
    If it's anything like Magic: The Gathering, I'm down.

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    what a load of crap. simulating a card game... yeah. why?

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    Pandaren Monk GenaiTN's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Brighton, East Sussex
    Quote Originally Posted by brirrspliff View Post
    what a load of crap. simulating a card game... yeah. why?
    Ever played Magic: The Gathering?

    Addictive and fun!

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    I'm happy that the poll is turning out like this.
    I'd hate it if Blizzard stopped making games like this one just because the community is raging over nothing.

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    The Lightbringer Auxis's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by brirrspliff View Post
    what a load of crap. simulating a card game... yeah. why?
    Incase you want to play online, or with friends that are on the other side of the world?
    By Blizzard Entertainment:
    Part of the reason is that Battlegrounds are like ducks.
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