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  • Warrior

    24 6.74%
  • Shaman

    42 11.80%
  • Rogue

    35 9.83%
  • Paladin

    44 12.36%
  • Hunter

    33 9.27%
  • Druid

    34 9.55%
  • Warlock

    70 19.66%
  • Mage

    46 12.92%
  • Priest

    28 7.87%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    Going to wait to see the cards first
    It's probably what I should do, but that Jaraxxus card was just AWESOME so my initial vote is 100% Warlock. Then again, I'm easliy swayed with new shinies, so could go any place. Although I can't see myself play a priest or something at the moment, unless the shadow side is well represented. I prefer darkness and looser morals.

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    Shaman and warlock

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    paladin, as i guess that will have heavy heals/shields and anoying holy stuff to bugger people with:P

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    Paladin cause they're my favourite class and Uther is one of my all time favourite characters by Blizzard. Plus I also play a White deck in MTG so it continues the trend.

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    Warrior, just because I play it in World of Warcraft aswell :-)

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    Shaman Pride, doesn't hurt that we get Thrall either.

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    I will play druid for sure although I have no clue how card game work. lol

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    Probably playing warlock. If there are enough undead cards though I might try to force out a DK or Necromancer deck using Warrior or Warlock as a base class.

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    I'll try them all. I hope every deck is unique in playstyle.
    I'm still thinking about it...

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    Mage or Warlock... Gul'dan is too intimidating to say "no" to

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    Warlock i think, but if it was possible i would like to play Death Knight.

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    druid or lock. i just love malfurion and guldan

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    Druid of course.

    I assume anyway. I play Green mostly in Magic:The Gathering. I assume druid will have a similar feel. It all depends on what each deck supports.

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    ...N-no Monk? :'(

    Lame. Ah well. Honestly, too early to make a decision... Card games play very differently to MMOs, so there's no way to actually tell what you'll like the most beyond steadfast loyalty to 'your' class. So I'll hopefully get into beta and try them all out then.

    I'd imagine another deciding factor will be what cards you actually get out of booster packs. You could really want to play a Warrior, but if you just pulled a Legendary card that's perfect for Warlocks, well. You best play a Warlock deck, son.

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    I lean towards priest, but as it's a card game I'll likely try all the different classes out and see which ones fit my card game playstyle the best. My guess is priest will focus a lot like "white/black" decks do in Magic, which isn't really my area of enjoyment in card games. I like big creatures or massive direct damage, which is probably going to come from warlocks and mages.
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    Warlock like a boss.
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    Since there is no DK, I'll go mage.
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    Hmmm, Shaman, Paladin, Mage are the ones I think I'll be trying first.

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    Warlock. Because Gul'dan.

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    Warlock, because it's my class.

    Also it really reminded me of my white/black deck in Magic which was a blast to play!

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