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  • Warrior

    24 6.74%
  • Shaman

    42 11.80%
  • Rogue

    35 9.83%
  • Paladin

    44 12.36%
  • Hunter

    33 9.27%
  • Druid

    34 9.55%
  • Warlock

    70 19.66%
  • Mage

    46 12.92%
  • Priest

    28 7.87%
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    The Insane apepi's Avatar
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    Druid warlock or hunter, we will see.
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    My main on WoW is a druid and I love the lore behind the druids and specially the night elf druids like malfurion etc so I think I'll play a druid here aswell but either that or warrior/paladin.

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    Fluffy Kitten Majad's Avatar
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    Definitely going play a Shaman first.
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    Immortal Frozen Death Knight's Avatar
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    Paladin and likely Warlock, if it's the only class that has Undead and Demon cards in its deck. =P

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    Just by guessing and it feels kind of accurate;
    The class you choose will pretty much sum up the style you will be playing. Rogue will probably have a lot of control with damage, if the enemies attacks will hit or not.
    Warrior will have a lot of brute force and so forth. And if that's the case then I will stick with my beloved Paladin class since it will then probably deal with hefty defenses and and heals, blessings. But it may become rather slow and methodical and if that's the case then I will most likely choose some pure damage class. To wreck face, if you will.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    I'm interested in seeing how Blizzard can capture the various aspects of the classes into the decks.

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    The Lightbringer Razorice's Avatar
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    Damn. No DK's . Rogue then!

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    Where is option for Lord Jaraxxus?!

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    Fluffy Kitten Dyra's Avatar
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    I'll get a Priest deck first since that's what I main with. From there... we'll see. Maybe Druid for an all round style.

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    At first glance I'd be inclined to play warlock as the playstyle looked really appealing .
    Bahhh who am i kidding, i'd play them all, choose one and then keep switching among them !

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    The Patient Ramaloce's Avatar
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    Card discard priest strat WOOoooooooooOooOOOoOOOO~!!!!!!111!!! Can't wait!!

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    I am Murloc! Kathranis's Avatar
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    Tentatively leaning heavily to Warlock, which is also my main in WoW.

    It'll ultimately depend on which heroes actually make it into the final game and which classes they represent, though.

    These are the currently available heroes:

    Warrior: Garrosh Hellscream

    Shaman: Thrall

    Rogue: Valeera Sanguinar

    Paladin: Uther the Lightbringer

    Hunter: Rexxar

    Druid: Malfurion Stormrage

    Warlock: Gul'dan

    Mage: Jaina Proudmoore

    Priest: Anduin Wrynn
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    With a game like this, I see this as a "scholar's" game. I might try out the mage or warlock, with the druid deck on the side.

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    I will play rogue, obviously
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    Immortal UnifiedDivide's Avatar
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    Looking at a fact sheet for the game, it seems you actually have to unlock the heroes to be able to play them.

    You get a Mage deck right off the bat but you'll need to play against a random AI-controlled Hero in Practice Mode to unlock them. You also expand the kind of cards you can get by experiencing them in Practice Mode too it seems. Though it also seems like you can keep the cards you experience in Practice Mode. I may have read incorrectly but, that's how it seemed to me. That said, I'll be going with the Hunter hero eventually.
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    The /Bounce Emote Wishblade's Avatar
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    I'll definitely start out as a warrior, like I always do when given such options. But who knows if another class peaks my interest before release, but warrior is my default choice atm.

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    Herald of the Titans Achaman's Avatar
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    pfft as if you care..
    lol wut? a cardgame like the TCG?

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    Definitely depends how the game pans out. Druid is my main but looked boring in that gameplay video. I mean, warlocks can summon freaking jarraxus. What do you bring to the table druid?

    Too early to tell.

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    I will probably choose a Warrior But that may change when I get more info on the classes and what is good and bad with all of them.

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    Not sure druid is going to be that great now that I think about it. From playing MTG, I've learned that cards that focus on nothing but healing (Healing Touch in the video) are generally worthless, unless it's just extremely efficient. I mentioned elsewhere that the mana acceleration doesn't seem as useful either, because it appears there;s a maximum mana later in the game. But, I like big creatures, so I'm hoping druid pulls those off.

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