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  • Warrior

    24 6.74%
  • Shaman

    42 11.80%
  • Rogue

    35 9.83%
  • Paladin

    44 12.36%
  • Hunter

    33 9.27%
  • Druid

    34 9.55%
  • Warlock

    70 19.66%
  • Mage

    46 12.92%
  • Priest

    28 7.87%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendulous View Post
    In the video, the druid had a few spells that healed. Healing Touch was a spell that gave you 8 life, but did nothing else. In my experience, spells like that are a waste of time, because if you spend your turn doing nothing but heal, your opponent will just waste you the next turn again. Kind of a "two steps forward, two steps back" kind of thing. The spells themselves were not necessarily druid-specific, but appeared in the druid deck. Meaning, it would just be fluff to me that need to be removed as soon as possible.
    Hmm yeah I guess it depends on the average damage you take in a turn. If you only take 3-5 damage a turn having an 8 heal can recover for 2 turns of your opponent. That's pretty sweet.

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    I'll play the jaraxxus class
    Warlorcs of Draenorc made me quit. You can't have my stuff.

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    Shaman seems interesting, so ill have to try that first.

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    rogue looks nice looking forward to see it

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    Ill start out with a mage deck since thats my WoW main and Im comfortable just being a mage (even in a card game). Over time as I learn more about other cards I will probably be very open to switching if I happen to like something else more.

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    Shaman all the way <3

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    Without knowing anything about the game, shaman. Best class in the warcraft universe. So i'll start with that

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    Rogue sounds fun. Though I will make a deck for each class eventually. Rogue will be my main though

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    Tie up between Warrior and Priest;
    Really depends on how the classes play in game.

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    Reading through some of the cards from the different classes so far, i have to say that it's either gonna be druid or warlock. The druid cards seems to be really strong with their ramping of the mana crystals and their beefy dudes with the late game powerfull draw cards (for people that play MTG it feels like a green deck). Or it's gonna be warlock for it's OP hero draw ability and it's "control" feel (for MTG this would be a blue/black deck). A mage deck could be promising when more cards a revealed since it also have elements of control in it alongside good card draw (a pure blue deck).

    The burn classes just doesn't do very much for me, it just feels like too much of a "did i get a good hand or i can't win" type of deck, and the paladin/priest deck (healing builds) seems very dependent on certain weak cards to be in play that then needs to functions together to be stronger then the individual cards, and that is rarely a good thing when they are so easy to focus down with an attack or a spell. That will just leave you with overall weak cards on the board.

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    Shaman first and foremost. Then probably a Priest or Rogue.

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    Warlock, it's done me well the last 8 years.

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    I'd pick hunter for pets and Rexxar.

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    I may be playing a pally now but druid has my heart, although I may have been tempted for monk if they had made it a choice!

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    When I started WoW I choose hunter, will try and do the same with heartstone and see if I enjoy it as much as I did when my main was still hunter.

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    Will each class get specific cards that go with that class. Perhaps a hunter getting trap cards or something. Warlocks with demons?

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    I am blindly choosing Paladin since they are my favorite class (has been since I made my main in BC) in both WoW and in the WoWTCG. I just love the style and flavor, and unless they make Paladins unplayable, nothing else really tempts me.
    PM me if you ever want to add me for Hearthstone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kairon View Post
    Will each class get specific cards that go with that class.

    Perhaps a hunter getting trap cards or something.

    Warlocks with demons?

    Right on all counts There's several card databases and wikis out there allready if you are interested in seeing/knowing more.

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    Probably Paladin, it's my current main in WoW

    I will be tempted to try Warlock though
    Quote Originally Posted by Drakhar View Post
    Honestly though I'd be amazed if the xpac took that long, even taking Blizzard's soon(tm) into consideration. If it doesn't come out before October it means there are some serious issues behind the scenes and it's time to abandon ship like an Italian cruiseliner captain.

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    Shamefully.. rogue because Valeera is the only Blood Elf heh.

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