Hey folks. Finally got some free time and thought I'd try and get one of my friends from dota 2 to play WoW with me via RAF. Thing is, he's making a free account for now just to test it out now and I plan to level with him one of the free trial accounts as well. Will he be able to continue with that account if I use RaF later on? Currently, I don't have MoP so I plan to upgrade to that and buy some game time before I can refer him.

Secondly, I notice that if I upgrade to MoP via digital purchase, I have to pay 29.99 pounds whereas if I buy from amazon I have to pay 22.48. My friend's a bit tight on his budget and half convinced not to spend so much for all the bundles just to play such an old game. What's the cheapest option you would recommend I suggest to him? Buying all the bundles from Amazon costs around 35.42 pounds whereas the digital option is 44.99 (wow battlechest+Cata+MoP). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance