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    Wrong Forum Title?

    Might be a little nitpicky but it seems that the Forum Name is off a little. It shouldn't be WOW TCG, first because there already is a WOW TCG I don't think the two are going to be connected so this could definitely cause some confusion. Secondly because it's Heroes of Warcraft, not Heroes of World of Warcraft. Small difference but could be a big distinction.

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    It has "Hearthstone" and "Online" in the forum name, don't think people would get confused.

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    For me the only thing that is a bit off in the title is the TCG part as the game is really CCG.

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    I agree, it should be "Hearthstone - Online Warcraft CCG" or even just "Hearthstone" on it's own.

    edit: and obviously it shouldn't be under the world of warcraft subforum, because it isn't world of warcraft, it should be in the video games section

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMOTotal View Post
    It has "Hearthstone" and "Online" in the forum name, don't think people would get confused.
    There has already been at least a couple threads about the TCG in the forum, so yes, people have gotten confused.

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    The title should be: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Online Cardgame.

    Why not TCG, Trading Card Game? Well i haven't read anything yet about trading cards in the game actually.

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    The new forum name for "Hearthstone - WoW TCG Online Game" needs to be changed to remove the "TCG" and insert "CCG."

    This is not simply WoW TCG Online, first of all, and your title is confusing and gives the impression that is all it is. There are different cards, possibly different rules we don't know about, and based on the video, it's plainly obvious to anyone who's played it that while this new game might be similar to the WoW TCG, it is certainly NOT the WoW TCG.

    Second, they said at the PAX announcement that this is a CCG, not a TCG. T is for trading, and they did not state there would be any card trading between people in this game (and more than likely there wouldn't be).

    Please make your title more accurate about the nature of the game based upon the actual announcement that took place.

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    Just so everyone is aware (though it is pretty obvious!), it has been changed to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Online Cardgame

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