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    The only thing it doesn't do is prioritize SS when you have procs during the fight. So in a perfect world, you should always beat the sim for FB by a bit.
    Idk, I have a ton of procs :P If I used SS during every time I had feather or 5 rage stacks, I don't think I'd even be able to FB correctly.

    If anything, the fact that you can't actually fully simulate stats for the playstyle means I'd take what anyone says about the class and how to gem/gear with a grain of salt. It's all opinion to me, at that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiboyslol View Post
    Mages are a pure dps class in theory(crafting) they should outperform us. I don't know why you are so upset.
    This sort of thinking has been out of date since at least the beginning of cataclysm, the ability to choose a tank or heal spec in addition to a dps does not and should hot have any effect on the performance of you dps spec/s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xalzel View Post
    What gems do you guys go for?
    Strength mostly, str/haste if the socket bonus is worth it (easiest known if you sim your char and check your stat weights, or if there is a str bonus).

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    So im leveling an undead dk at the momment and i stumbled across unholy and how fun and awesome it is to play. I decided i wanted to festerblight unholy when i hit max level, however i was wondering what the value of the orc racial was. Rather i want to know how much dps it adds typically.

    Additonally i assume the tailoring back enchant (obviously AP proc) is huge for festerblighting as well?

    Perhaps i should have posted my own thread to ask this question, but it seems like everyone else is freely exchanging information here and I hope nobody minds!

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