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    Good class for world PvP?

    Isle of Thunder is a great place for world PvP and I also get a lot of 1on1 fights there. Currently doing it with a BM hunter for fun, which is working pretty well.

    So I'm interested in what other classes do you consider open world PvP viable, if the important things are:

    - ability to force a fight and successfully prevent an enemy escape
    - own ability to escape Xv1 fights
    - not too many hard counters or unbeatable classes due to low DPS

    Was wondering if there's anything to recommend above a BM hunter for this? Rogues seem to be immortal, not unbeatable but unkillable (there's a difference!), they have a 99% success rate at escaping attempts, though I don't know how good they are at taking down others solo. As a rogue at least I wouldn't die at failed attempts.

    So I was thinking about:
    - Sub Rogue
    - Frost Mage
    - UH DK
    - Feral Druid
    - something exotic? Ele Shaman?

    What would be on top of your list for this "task"?

    As already said, being able to force fights is important, otherwise it would be pointless if anyone can just run away.

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    Rogue by far. Cheap shot, dismount shell, DT/shuriken if they try and run.

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    Sounds like ganking not world pvp. Feral is the best imo at that. If you can't kill a feral in 10s you cant kill them, they just run away, cant be slowed, cant be rooted, moves 130% speed all the time; then once they are out of combat they are invisible.
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    Rogue is 10,000 times higher than everyone else on the WPVP list.

    Mage and Feral are probably the 2 other viable ones. It depends what sort of WPVP though, going around sniping people in cities is pretty different to being part of a massive raid on the capital.

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    Frost DK and Arms Warrior are the best world pvp specs. Joking aside, I think Rogue fits the bill on basically all three requirements you listed. Retribution Paladins are decent but do have hard counters. Rets would do well against probably all melee but wouldn't be able to catch stealthers or even monks if they tried to escape. Unholy is a very powerful 1v1 spec and can lock anyone down from escaping but lacks in any ability to escape or survive multiple encounters.

    For casters I would go with Hunters, any Mage and Demonology Warlock. Any well played Mage can possibly 2v1 decent melee. It depends how well that Mage uses his environment to his advantage. I absolutely love seeing really good Mages pull it off.
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    IMO rogues simply due to the fact that you can choose your fights on realms with higher populations opposite your faction.

    and if things go down you have 2 vanishes and a smoke bomb. Plus if you're an engineer you have the glider as well

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    a very important factor is being able to shake mobs.
    vanish, invis/ice block, feign death, all excellent.
    As a warlock, mobs are a huge problem for me in wpvp.

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    No class in the game has the ability to choose (and run from) fights like a rogue. No other class is even remotely comparable in that regard. You don't see them coming, and in most cases, they can drop combat and disappear on the drop of a dime.

    If you're solely after world pvp, a rogue is a solid choice for both starting, and ending/escaping from a fight on your own terms. With full CDs, a rogue can annoy the hell out of you and then disappear to reset the fight lol.

    Also, they are amazingly fun in PvP.

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    Rouge. Purely because of Stealth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerschlag View Post
    Rouge. Purely because of Stealth.
    vanish saves lives!
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    Rogues have the problem with when you are out of CDs, you're basically a sitting duck unless you have Burst of Speed.

    I have had quite some succes on my (frost) DK. The only problem is that I keep being ganked by either 3v1 (or more) or by someone with superior gear to mine. Besides that chilblains is really nice. So is the DnD glyph.

    But yeah, if you're being jumped on by more than 2 players, you're dead no matter which spec (except blood ofc ;D)

    The best thing about DKs is that you have A LOT of CC breakers and immunities. When a rogue opens on you, and you have rocket boosts, you can simply IBF and rocket boosts away. If he blinds you, you can trinket and continue. If you're being opened on AGAIN, you can desecrated ground and you're free. Being chain feared? No prob, here's Lichborne/AMS.

    But yeah, chilblains is the main reason why DKs are bosses at running away, while double death grip is the main reason why people running away is the most easiest thing to counter. With, again, chilblains

    And your insane burst is the reason why you can engage into a fight really easily. Dark Simulacrum is YET another reason why engaging a fight versus let's say paladin/mage is perfect because you can steal their bubble/ice block.

    DKs are also the best in grouped wPvP with double death grip, gorefiends grasp (or remorseless winter) combined with strong aoe dots or howling blast.

    So! My conclusion is that DKs are just BOSS. Solo PvP they're OK, will most likely be ganked a lot, but you can survive with good gear. In group PvP you're a real hero, with being able to death grip an enemy away from your friends twice and rooting them with ease.

    GO DK!
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    Any class that gets you a spot in a heroic throne of thunder raid coming 5.3.

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    i must said a Rogue but all class's are good to world pvp you just need have fun play with what you like!

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    I would have to say druid, some people would say rogue but idk they still don't seem that powerful to me.
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    Druid and rogue are mine World favorites for PvP misery

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    Rogue and druid are always good choices for that, even when they are relatively weak. Stealth is just a great tool out in the world.

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    I don't value stealth as a tool to pick fights that much, but I value it mid fight (which probably does not apply to druids) or as a tool to escape.

    I'm waiting to see what happens to Shuriken Toss in 5.3, this is a very nice ability but many people expect nerfs. I don't know why this was introduced in the first place, it makes a rogue almost a ranged class, if they can deal 80% of meele damage at range, basically negating any kiting attempts. If Toss keeps its 5.2 status, I'm gonna try my rogue, which is 90 anyway but in greens & blues.

    Though I'm just a bit discouraged about rogues, after reading a bunch of QQ threads that they cannot cut through second wind or conversion, but maybe those people just have a L2P or a gear issue, hopefully.

    Of course I'm also keeping my BM hunter for world PvP, as I didn't have any bad experiences with it, except maybe with Shadow Priests. It looks like there are counters, but not really hard counters.

    What about SPs then, are they any good at stopping people from running away? I had horrible experiences with my SP in previous expansions regarding this, anyone who wanted could just walk away eventually. How is the situation in MoP, with all their new tools? They are still lacking a spammable snare (which does not root them!), warlocks got theirs meanwhile.

    I also thought about Frost Mages, but I stopped leveling mine at 84, and that is only due to my success with my hunter against any sort of mage I met in world PvP. I couldn't imagine how it feels to sit on the other side.
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    Hunter as you said.
    They see you on the mininmap before you see them.
    Camoflage surprise attacks -> Stampede -> Crowstorm -> CCs adds.
    If fight goes poorly disengage/feign death, gg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terahertz View Post
    Rogues have the problem with when you are out of CDs, you're basically a sitting duck unless you have Burst of Speed.
    Then don't engage if you don't have cooldowns...? Your engagements shouldn't last longer than your cooldowns do anyway. You should just gouge/blind them and run away at that point.

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    Rogue by far, incredibly strong 1v1 class, escape whenever, huge burst and instant cc for 2v1s.

    Boomkins can be good for this as well as feral, they both have insane self-healing and put out good damage and can escape well. Boom is not so good at preventing people escaping but feral has no issue. My friend was fighting in IoT waiting for me to show up to help and he 4v1'd horde with respawns on his boomkin before I showed up to help clean up.

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