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    How to not waste a scroll of resurrection.

    Hello, i hope this is the right section!
    I'll return to wow after a long break, last time i played was on wotlk. I quitted just after ICC patch.
    Now i see that a lot changed in this game, from the talent system to the skill and every class appears a lot different from then.
    I'm a bit disoriented, i knew all the classes pro/cons and playstyle in wotlk and now that i can have a new lvl80 pg with the scroll of resurrection i'm terribly afraid of wasting it with a class that does'nt match my expectation.
    I read a lot in forum about the mages as "broke class, boring and repetitive" and so on, so i will like to have some advice.
    I have an 80 dk and hunter in my account and now i would like to have one of the classes that always attracted me: rogue and mage. Even priest because i also wanted to try some healing.
    I think i'll play only pvp and i don't think i'll play for a long time, maybe one or two arena seasons. What class do you think i'll should do? there is an ubernerfed one that is better to avoid? Does mage or rogue pvp style changed a lot from wotlk?

    Thank you!

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    mage rogue and priest is all very strong this season

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