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    what healer should I xfer?

    I'm restarting wow, took a break after clearing the last tier, and the guild that most of my old raiders migrated too is on a different server and faction. I already had my holy pally there, but their raid already has one holy paladin (the other healer is an off spec disc, shadows the 2 heal fights). Is two healing fights (if were looking at heroic modes) with two paladins viable (also there is 4 conq tokens which isn't bad).

    I also have avaliable, resto shaman, mistweaver monk, and possibly a resto druid. All level 90 and respectfully geared (not quite as much as the holy pally but lfr can help that and i'm looking for a long run best choice).

    Looking at some WoL data it looks like shaman tend to be a little weak in 10 mans this tier, holy pallys are dominating ... as they should ... and all the rest seem fairly balanced. I was thinking the monk just for the bit of extra dps they lend but anyone who has had experience raiding this tier what do you think? I'm slightly worried that I won't have a tranquility type ability that resto druids and shaman can supply, because revival was super weak compared .

    Also haven't played my monk since HoF launched, i know there is so rather major changes there.

    Thanks guys

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    Holy Pally + Disc is the golden combo for 10 mans. I'd probably go Mistweaver or Druid in your case since the off healer is a Disc/Shadow.

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    Shamans have a lot of utility in SLT, Tranq totem, Stormlash, Tremor, etc. Ancestral Vigor is also very good to have in your raid group. I'd go with a shaman for 10man out of your choices.

    Also remember the Healer ranking in WoL mean just about nothing as to which healer is stronger and is usually about which healer has the most options to pad HPS in that fight,
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    nice sweet talking but bottom line is: shamans suck in 10 men. and have sucked in 10 men for literally years. no one knows what that's not getting fixed. druids are a bit better, but still basically handicapping you. monks I got hardly any experience with, looks like it's between druids and holy pala somewhere. just from a healing output pov for 10 men:
    disc priest >> holy paladin >>>>>>>>>>> monk > druid >>>>>>>>>> shaman
    Now the icing on the cake is that disc priests, while topping meters, also add a free 30-40k raid dps at zero cost while having great cooldowns with pain sup, pwd barrier and spirit shells.
    doing heroic progression without at least a disc priest or a holy paladin sounds absolutely insane to me. as said above, the typical combo is disc priest and holy pala. checked a few of the top 10 men guilds atm and it looks like most of them are using disc, disc, holy pala for three healer fights. not very surprising.
    what that sais about blizzard and them buffing attonement in 5.2 is another matter though.

    either way, 10 men normals can be healed by anything though, depends what you're planning to do. while i am saying shamans are very bad compared to disc priests, they are very far from unplayable. all healing specs are decent. if you want to be on the pushing side of the progression ladder, you want to be a priest or paladin though. otherwise play whatever suits you best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaib View Post
    nice sweet talking but bottom line is: shamans suck in 10 men.
    Quote Originally Posted by kaib View Post
    all healing specs are decent.
    Consistent advice there. A++

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Consistent advice there. A++
    What does it matter if it's true? All healing specs are decent, but it's no secret that compared to other healers in 10man, Shaman are just bottom of the barrel.

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