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    what healer should I xfer?

    Argh, MMO champ ate my post ... was all long and well detailed too :/

    Anyways I'm looking to pick up raiding again, stopped for a bit due to work conditions after clearing last tier. I already have a Holy pally on the server but the raid group already has one, and also 3 conq people already, (which isn't too bad). We have a disc priest for our 3rd healer who shadows for the 2 heal fights, and I was wondering (if were shooting for heroic modes) if 2 healing with 2 holy pallys would be ok. I'm worried that we won't have a real raid cd for healing.

    I have available for xfer a monk, a shaman, and a druid. They are all decently geared, monk less so as he was replaced with the holy pally at the end of MSV but LFR can fix that real quick. Looking at logs it does seem shaman are kinda weak in 10's currently, so i'm leaning towards the druid or monk, I like the monk more for the added dps that can help with close enrages, but i'm kinda worried about again not having a real raid cd like tranquility ( revival was pretty weak last i played my monk) I know there has a been a LOT of changes to monk healing so I'd have to relearn it abit. Anyone who has any experience this raid have any suggestions.

    10 man raid, will be planning to do heroics, gear doesn't matter so much as i'd rather make the best choice for the long run.

    Thank you ... and i'm copying this one as MMO champ doesn't like me

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    If your talking for 10man, Revival > Tranquility. Revival is burst healing on 10 or 25 people, tranquility is a heal over time.

    Just depends on what you want for a healer, if the choice is between druid or monk then I would go monk, purely because I am one.

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    Paladins have ridic. healing output with cds, and devotion auras act like raid cds for anything but physical damage. I think you'll be just fine with 2 palas. Either monk or druid would be fine if you decide to transfer really, druids have a bit more utility (on most fights), monks have a bit more output.

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    Paladins and Priest are top 2 healers right now. Monks following in on 3rd. Druids 4th. Shaman are the weakest healer. Go by that I guess.

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    As a 10man guild aiming for hc progress as the most mentioned its hpala and disc priest that should be the main 2healers the 3rd should be a resto shaman if u ask me but a resto druid is okey to. Mostly cause you rather want the resto shaman that can go elemental or a resto druid that can go boomkin then a monk that will melee. Since its almost the same gear its easy to swap and gear up os for shaman and druid as range dps. And they bring more then a monk. Plus range are overall better.

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