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    Ret is dead and that's how blizzard wants it

    It never ceases to amaze me how often blizzard loves to keep the ret class down especially when it comes to pvp.

    I almost came back to wow when they released 5.2 after they "buffed" ret and I'm glad I didn't fall for their lies again. It's nothing more then hollow buffs as ret has no utility in RBGs and is once again so easily cced.

    If blizz was serious about buffing ret and making them viable in pvp, they would've done it long ago as they micromanage every little detail in the game (See buffs to warlocks). Since ret continues to suck in pvp, I can only assume that blizzard is purposefully keeping ret down.

    Thank GOD i didn't fall for there bullshit again.

    Flame away as I've said my piece.

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    This isn't going anywhere. If you have something constructive to post, feel free to open a new thread.

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