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    Best way to gem for PvP

    Looking to find out the best way to gem for pvp. Should I be gemming pure resil in yellow slots? Should i use a hybrid pvp power/resil? Or Agi/resil?

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    I'm mainly gearing for RBGs where I'm rarely focused, so full PvP Power:
    • Red: Assassin's (agi/pow)
    • Yellow: Vivid (res/pow)
    • Blue: Stormy (pow)
    • Only match red or yellow when the bonus is worthwhile

    If you're doing arena, comp depending, you probably want full PvP Resilience:
    • Red: Lucent (agi/res)
    • Yellow: Mystic (res)
    • Blue: Vivid (res/pow)
    • Match every socket

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