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    I was not aware that sugar water had any smell. Maybe I just can't smell anything.
    I like sandwiches

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    yeah, and its called the "bouquet".

    sometimes you just cant help savoring your drink..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roose View Post
    I was not aware that sugar water had any smell. Maybe I just can't smell anything.
    its got a lot more stuff than that.

    its got spices such as vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and various fruit extracts.

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    but truthfully

    i've had like 2 12 packs of soda in my fridge for months, i've barely touched them lol. I think I've had 2 of them, maybe 3?

    they are probably going to go bad before they are consumed

    the next time someone wants a coke i will be sure to open it for them and smell it
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    Scotch and coke = mmmmm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LilSaihah View Post
    Scotch and coke = mmmmm.
    That's Heresy! Even more so if your using a malt, NOTHING should be mixed with Scotch, Not even ice.
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    Yeah I do this too. I won't lie I smell lots of things before trying them. I even like to smell books before I read them.

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    When I have chest pains I take a big sniff of coke and It goes away for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terridon View Post
    I don't get closer to snif it, than when it bubbles up in my nose, which i don't find too pleasent >.<

    Came in to see what this drug-talk would be about <.<
    I'm in the same boat. When I drink any soda, I don't smell it, I just drink.

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    There is something nice about taking in the scent of a good bottle of Coca Cola before taking a sip. =)

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    I dont care for the smell of most soft drinks.

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    I don't drink Coca Cola anymore for health reasons, and I never used to smell it purposefully, but I know what you mean.

    What an odd thread though ...

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    Ok, I admit it, you got me to snort my coke at lunch today. I was somewhat nonplussed, still tastes wonderful though.

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    I love the smell and taste of coca cola

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roose View Post
    I was not aware that sugar water had any smell. Maybe I just can't smell anything.
    I think it's those chemicals used to turn it black that make it smell nice, not the sugar water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukentuts View Post
    Coke tastes like sawdust.
    What kind of magical trees do you get your sawdust from? And where do I find some!

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