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    Will you try Hearthstone?

    I hyped myself into thinking it could be something as big as warcraft 4 and was disappointed at first, but now im rather excited for Hearthstone. I will try it.

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    the only card game i have ever liked was yugioh. i'll probably check it out since it's free, but i doubt i'll stick to it or anything.

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    Hell yeah, could be great as i often like those kind of card games.

    And sorry .. but only delusional people would expect stuff like wc4 .. .

    Have a nice day !

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    Totally. I've tried almost every game from different developers, from Gravity to Gpotato to Trion to Blizzard (and many more), not gonna stop now ...

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    Love trying new things, so yes.
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    I shall try it.
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    Fucking Oath I will,

    I love card games like Magic:TG and Yu-gi-oh(when I was much younger), so a Warcraft version sounds fun.
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    never got into tcg's. now i can at least give one a decent try. don't think i'll buy any cards though
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    yes, but only because it's FTP.
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    It's free-to-play. Why wouldn't anyone give it a try unless they don't like card games.
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    I am Murloc! Kathranis's Avatar
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    Yes, looking forward to it. I'd be playing it right now if I could.

    As I've said elsewhere, I'm a big fan of TCGs and CCGs but haven't really had chance to play any physical ones since highschool, and I haven't been impressed with digital tools like Apprentice, so I just kind of gave up on them. I actually have a bunch of WoW cards but nobody to play with where I live.

    So yeah, looking forward to this.

    Plus, it's free. Why not try it? Afraid you might have fun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mcstunner View Post
    the only card game i have ever liked was yugioh. i'll probably check it out since it's free, but i doubt i'll stick to it or anything.
    Same here. I loved it however, I was playing whenever I could. I really liked the cartoon too, and the gameplay was great.
    Now I love the Warcraft universe, and the gameplay is more-or-less the same, with more complexity.
    I will definitely try it, and will probably love it Won't buy cards for realy money tho.
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    probably not, i love mtg but i didnt particularly enjoy mtg online. i prefer playing in person with the real cards. ive never been interested in other trading card games personally, just mtg

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    The /Bounce Emote Wishblade's Avatar
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    It's free, simple to get into (supposedly) and Warcraft themed. Hell yeah, I'll give it a roll. Never tried a CCG but if I have to start somewhere then I'll do it here, the announcement won me over. =P

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    Yeah i will, it seems interesting and its f2p.

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    wish there was a maybe option in your poll :3

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    No i wont be going near it.

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    No. Never been into card games of any type.
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    Try? Yes. Spend money on it? Almost certainly not.

    We already have a World of Warcraft trading card game, and if you can find a local store to play battlegrounds and other events at, its an excellent game. If you're interested in trying a World of Warcraft trading card game, visit Cryptozoic's WoWTCG official website and use the 'Store locator'. Its a better game with a long history and a friendly, devoted playerbase for casual as well as competitive play. There's far greater freedom in deckbuilding and if you're lucky you can score loot cards.

    As an avid player and collector of WoW TCG, I'm immensely disappointed that Blizzard opted to go with Hearthstone - which is definitely an inferior game and is obviously more suited to a casual audience that don't play a lot of TCG's. Meanwhile, the WoW TCG still needs an online platform (many players have been asking for it since the game began several years ago). Sadly, when Hearthstone launches on Battlenet, having the two co-exist online without a lot of confusion seems unlikely to ever happen.

    I know some WoW TCG players I meet and play with regularly, who are happy with the announcement for Hearthstone, but most of us at least agree this is deeply confusing, and all of us agree this should have been about the existing TCG, not a new game. The fact Hearthstone recycles artwork from the original TCG, and that Blizzard didn't even mention the TCG at all during their announcement was really disappointing (they mention Magic during their trailer, but pretend like the Wow TCG doesn't exist.)

    TL;DR - I'll continue playing, collecting and enjoying the existing TCG, but if I can find time to play Hearthstone as well, I will. Just not going to spend a single cent on it.

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    Warchief Marthenil's Avatar
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    Always wanted to try the WC tcg but it's too damn expensive. So I will definitely try HS and if it's anything like the current TCG I will stick to it.

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