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    Knowing Blizzard, there'll be WoW tie-ins.
    So yes. :9
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    It's free, so yes, will definitely try it. Don't intend to spend any money on it and at this moment I don't think it will keep me interested for a very long time.
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    Yes, yes I will. Card games - virtual or not - are not exactly my cup of tea, but can't hurt to try.

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    I'll try it and if there is anything to be gained for WoW like mounts or pets I will actively play it.

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    im very excited to give this a blast, i was a card game geek when i was young, pokemon yu-gi-oh (i know whole new lvls of sadness lol) MGT and even the wow TC, so the prospect of playing it on my ipad is very exciting, i already have the MGT game on it so why not expand into wow form aswell

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    If I have the time(seems like a quick-game instead of something that'd take up an hour) I suppose, I really do like it so far.
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    Not going to be jumping in day one, thats for sure, card games have never been my thing; but since its free I can't guarantee I won't get bored and check it out eventually.

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    I will be trying it out. Its free after all and could potentially turn into something fun to do.

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    For sure!! I love card games. Played Magic and Pokemon all the time when I used to have time to do so.

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    If it's free or very cheap, I might. Might have to anyway if the mounts they are giving with WoW are cool enough, lol.

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