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    Okay because levelling a profession with vanilla mats to 300 was always fun....

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    Another morning, another whine. Here I go;
    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerlol View Post
    Firstly, i'd like to say that i completely understand that blizzard are trying to aim WOW in MOP towards the more casual player and have seen the positive. However, i would like to voice my concerns and disappointment to the direction that wow is going.
    Blizzard has made a very solid effort in bringing MoP more in-line with Classic and tBC in terms of character progression. That is why we have set dungeons and no way to quickly catch up your alts with your mains in terms of gear.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerlol View Post
    These used to be skills that players would put time and effort into in order to reap in the rewards. Cooking- farming animals from different zones to level up. Fishing-moving from zone to zone and putting in effort to reach max fishing cap. Herbalism- visiting zones to pick different flowers. Now, in this current patch and looking at patch 5.3, it makes all these professions pretty meaningless. You can level max cooking at Halfhill very easily. Herbalism in the next patch means that herbs can be picked anywhere in Pandaria and so you can level it up without going to Kalimdor/Outland or Eastern Kingdoms. You can also do the same with Blacksmithing and ghost iron ore to level up
    You still have to put the TIME into acquiring Herbs and Ore. You know what I pretty much do as a matter of course in previous expansions with ALL my characters? I went to the AH and bought everything I needed to maximize my professions - it took me about 30 minutes. I would like to know how giving players an ability to actually farm in areas they visit daily is making things easier? It's giving them another way to do things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerlol View Post
    I wont get much into LFR as i know that there are so many different views on it. I like the fact that it gives casual players to visit new content but it just gives an easy mindless gearing up route for the lazy wow player.
    Thank you, I am sure your opinion is mostly what it typically is for these posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerlol View Post
    It feels like blizzard have dug a huge hole, adding pvp power and now in patch 5.3, they want to change pvp and give resilience to every single player. While i see this is another good change for casual players as well as the removal of the 2.2k boundary on gear. It kind of ruins the whole "special" feeling of pvp.

    TBC and WOTLK had a great pvp system i thought- rewarding players with gear when they reach a certain level for each set piece. This gave players who wanted to pvp something to aim for, something to achieve and feel proud of themselves. With a little time and effort put in on learning how to play, a lot of players would reach it. Now, i feel as though there is nothing to really aim for in pvp. It feels like daily quests- you have to cap every week to get to conquest point boundary where you can then buy the elite tyrannical gear( even this is being thrown away in patch 5.3).
    Resilience sucks. Do you understand why they are removing the ability to stack it until your invulnerable? It requires no skill, it requires time. PvP players have bitched ENDLESSLY about how this game isn't about skill, it's about gear. Well, Now it's about skill - as much as it can be. No longer will there be groups of people hovering over quest areas that can mercilessly whack the shit out of people that just want to do their quests and log. And no longer will there be invulnerable teams that, frankly, are terrible players who just ground the hell out of getting some gear.

    For me, Classic had the best pvp system, you worked your ass off to get ranks and if you didn't do the same thing every week you lost your rank. That system went out so long ago that I doubt most people even remember how awesomely bad it was, but I liked it. Any PvP system where you get a rank and you can keep it merrily with no effort required to maintain it is a stupid one, that is what they are fixing.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    im actually glad they added some shortcuts too proffesions like cooking.

    when you're leveling it once agian on a new alt then i really cant be bothered collecting everything agian. so now i can just shortcut it when im lvl85 is really a boost to get higher level cooking on more then 1 char

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Considering I can easily make 10-20k daily with professions I don't think they are anyway near to being useless. Not only do my sales prove that but the fact that people buy my items speaks to the fact that many other players don't consider them useless
    By useless I mean severely lacking at higher level. I was selling entry level PvP sets in Cata like hot cakes too, but at higher levels it was mostly raiders with plenty of mats selling overpriced current normal-tier crafts. A few BS plans here and there, nothing special, just another edition of badge gear, BoE gear and boss drops.

    Crafting in general always had an enormous potential, it was never really fullfilled. Different specializations, ingredients obtainable in different ways and difficulties, rewards other than armor, and so on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xanzul View Post
    Considering I can easily make 10-20k daily with professions I don't think they are anyway near to being useless. Not only do my sales prove that but the fact that people buy my items speaks to the fact that many other players don't consider them useless
    Oh WHATEVER dude, OMG, it's possible to make gold with professions, but it's generally boring as all fuck.

    I made gobs of gold the first month of MoP, was probably the first [Master of All] on my server, but geez, grinding out gold by making utility crud is just terrible and brain rotting. I find the AH a lot more interesting.

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