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    Was this boss not meant to be shrouded in mystery?

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    Looks intense~_~
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    Someone screwed up, I guess.

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    I'm going to guess that fatal strike literally kills you in 1 hit haha if you don't have a defensive

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    O: thats alot of numbers

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    Where did you obtain this from?

    EDIT: Nevermind I see the link.

    EDIT2: If this is true, Holy shit this fight is going to be fun to do.
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    Wow... Just wow... Someone's gonna be jobless!
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    Some of the abilities were already datamined and speculated to be Raden's abilities (namely the vita / anima spells) in another forum thread.

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    I you do remember the spell list you should also have taken note of the "Sample Spells" text above them, meaning that there is most likely quite a few more spells involved in the fight.

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    It's not the entire fight but still, it's pretty dumb after all that to post it.

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    As long as he does something magical with the room like algalon to make it badass, I'm good. If he doesnt I'll be a little disappointed.
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    I hope too that he is going to have something that makes him unique , like Algalon was before his bug.

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    In the ancient days before dungeon journal abilities were all datamined, but no one knows how they'll work together or what percent things or phases happen.

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