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    Council 10N question?

    Hey guys,

    My team is working on council (3rd boss) and I had a strategy adjustment I wanted to make but had a quick question about.

    I don't recall, so I'm curious -- does Sul's Sand Trap ability target melee?
    Reason I'm asking, I wanted the player with Frostbite to stack with melee because there are enough people in melee to soak it and it frees our healers up from having to move (prior, we had range doing the frostbite/charge/sand dance).

    Would this work?
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    Standing in melee with frostbite does work. I don't believe sandtrap targets melee, at least i've never seen it

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    We used this strat for our first kill and further attempts abondoned it. We decided it was too much effort in general because it takes longer to get into melee range than to get 2 nearby people to stack on you! Also, it's almost impossible to make sure you're stood on both melee due to tanking Sul and Nalak together - their models are too big!

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    We have done this strategy and continue to do so. Some of our range cannot be relied on to stack with the other range well.

    So, to fix the problem that kasc brought up, we marked one of the tanks and one of the melee and during frostbite both of those players would stand on top of each other and gave the frostbite player somewhere to stand.

    This does reduce damage for that melee player but like i said, some of our range can't be bothered:P

    Edit: If you have more then one melee, just mark one of them and have all melee stack on him at all times during frostbite.

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    If u have a resto druid its perfect to have 1 range dps with nice dmg cd's like mage/shadow to bunch up with the frostbite player. The frostbite wount be the big problem in the end it will be have dps focusing on the right stuff and move out of sandtrapps. But that method will prolly be a good choice to start with. Remeamber that the person who have the frostbite should be pulling some cd's at start since he will fall low on hp when he get the debuff at first since he doesnt share the dmg with anyone. The tank+melee dps u got on interrupt sul should have target target macro so they interrupt spells that goes onto the frostbite target or anyone that are low on hp. But as u get more and more comfy with the fight just blindly interrupt everything should be enough.

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    I'm pretty sure that if there aren't enough people at range he will cast it in melee. We had this happen a few times, so we stopped having the frostbite person stack in the melee.

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    In our strat, we have 2 melee. We mark our warrior and our enh shammy sticks near him so whenever frostbite comes up, ppl know they need to be quick to go to the mark.

    As for your question, I don't particularly remember sand traps appearing in melee but there might be a certain # who have to be in ranged. So in this circumstance, we have 1 tank on the priest, 1 tank on sul/frost, 2 melee, 1 person with frostbite. So that does leave 5 at 'ranged'. There might be a hidden amount 'required' in ranged to prevent sand going into melee.

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