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    Re applying/overwriting bleeds


    i have a question about re applying new rips and or rakes. Im using Hotw so its not related to the Doc bleeds but if i had the Rentaki or Rune of reorigination trinket which i dont have yet, when is it acceptable to overwrite existing bleeds that are lets say not yet buffed by a trinket proc. Lets say i put on a bleed without a rentaki buff and after the trinket procs do i wait till the end when it will gain all its stacks to re apply and overwrite my existing bleeds or should i wait till my bleed runs almost out and then do it but doing so may result in another not buffed bleed. Or lets say i apply a bleed just as the rentaki trinket procs, the bleed will be buffed but not to its fullest possible, do i just reapply it at the end again with full stacks or not?

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    Rake is basically always worth to overwrite if you at that moment will apply a stronger rake. Trinket procs? Reapply rake. You just used a Agi pot? Reapply rake.

    I am not sure about Rip and Thrash.

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    Thrash is not worth it due to the high cost and no CP gen.
    and Rip is very rare to be worth it

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    I think I read somewhere that if it is a 20% more powerful bleed then it should be reapplied. I've been using DroodFocus and it'll display a green number showing how much more powerful it would be to reapply the bleed. I'm sure it applies to rip, but I'm not 100% sure. As for thrash I wouldn't, just keep using it during OoC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skadovsk View Post
    Thrash is not worth it due to the high cost and no CP gen.
    and Rip is very rare to be worth it

    Also, Get out of here Stalker
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    And yet here we are.

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    With Rune of Re-Origination during the proc you want to Rip-Thrash-Rake, also when the proc is up you want to use Rake as a CP builder until you'd overwrite a stronger Rake(DoT) with a weaker.

    Without Rune Rip is probably only worth to reapply when you have Blood in the Water phase and your new Rip will be really strong. Rake is always worth reapplying when there is a damage increase of ~10-12%. Thrash should be kept up but ideally don't refresh it untill it is below 6-7 seconds.
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