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    Question Ding!

    So I just hit 90 on my druid and got the Quintessential Quintet achievement. Any suggestion on what spec I should for PvE/PvP? I leveled as feral and I will probably go down that line in terms of PvP too. A little uncertain about the PvE side of things, though.
    Also, I have not picked any professions yet.

    Any suggestions?

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    Boomkins are really strong in pve atm, as is resto.

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    Grats, mon!

    Boomshakalaka ftw!

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    If you want fast LFD/LFR queues, go Resto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvencus View Post
    Grats, mon!

    Boomshakalaka ftw!
    Old school feral for life.

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    Boomkin is best Druid! We should be getting quite a bit stronger with this tier, seeing tops of 200k single-target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crass1096 View Post
    Dual spec ftw
    I agree with you Crass1096 dual spec feral pvp and resto of course pvp i have both of them in my druid, it's a little hard to gear up both when you are done with your gear you will be pleased.

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    Of course but if you want to play 1 spec in PvE and 1 in PvP it wouldn't be a lot of difference. I was actually thinking of gearing Boomkin PvE since Feral PvE is so god damn boring

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    Try everything. You'll figure out what you want to do pretty quickly. We have the unique ability to play any role, it gives you valuable perspective to know the in's and out's of each role.

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