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    <A> Reroll guild project <Paradigm>

    14th April update:
    Guild is underway, we have officially started and while our numbers are quite strong we are still looking for 4-5 players who are interested in a raider rank.

    9th April update:
    The idea described within my post is set in motion. We have near enough players to begin we still require a few more in order to make the project as strong as possible. Players that would feel happier as reserves and social members are both welcome to come chat to us on raidcall, or apply (Although we haven't got that many non raiders so far).

    Since we are starting this next Sunday, people will be welcome to apply post start if they wish to be a part of our guild.


    I've found myself searching the forums for quite sometime now looking for a prominent re-roll project. I have noticed some of the current ones that have been formed in the past month, they do seem to be doing quite well. However I have yet to find one that caters to what i want, so I've took it upon myself to take my time and now I've decided to start my own as I'm sure that there will be other players that are wanting similar things from the game and re-roll projects alike.

    So with out further ado the following is what I have decided to create.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __

    [Entity & formation of the guild]

    Over the next few weeks I would like to lay foundations for a 25 person raiding guild (around 32 active raiders - If people that can't make every raid decide to apply, then I may also allow a few additional socials or part time raiders) with people that enjoy playing wow too much. We'll be organizing three raids in the evening each week, this schedule will start once we finish our leveling process.

    The starting date will depend on how much interest we are able to gain, since we have gained a reasonable amount of interest so far I'm glad to say that we will be starting mid April, all being well. We've got a forum fixed up so that we can track head counts, the set date will probably be brought forward a few days if interest keeps coming in. If we have a drought of applications then we may have to wait a few extra days.

    Progression so far aside, I just want a place that people feel comfortable raiding in. A place that feels like you can just chill out most of the time, whilst being able to knuckle down and get something done and required. Nobody going to scold anyone for making mistakes here and we will aim to help out as much as we can. I can certainly tell you now the management will make there share of mistakes here and there, we expect no different of any guild members.

    Old, new and returning players are welcome to apply, what you become in the future is far more important then your background to us.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __

    [Plan summary]

    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Shadowsong
    Focus: 25 person raiding
    Starting date: 14'th of April
    Raiding days week: Monday, Thursday, Wednesday
    Raiding times: 19:30-23:00 (With a 12 minute break at around 20:55)
    Level cap of 80: This should be removed in the week of the 1'st of May
    Secondary activities: Battlegrounds (This is for later, if there is enough interest)
    Expected date for everyone to be working theory & gearing from 5 man content: 20'th of May

    The current ideas are more so focused around finding the best possible opportunity to get our member base working together, laying strong foundations whilst using our time well effectively.

    We encourage people to be aware of the dates so that they can get the most out of them, accomplish the tasks without putting in as much time as you would solo. Daily's done as a group, instances done again, as a group without long established players to shoot you through it so that you don't spot as many errors as you will make.

    Make some bonds, rely on people to help you, help them out in return. Anyone thinking of applying should be prepared to keep in check with those dates.

    [Why Shadowsong, also the level cap?]
    We have chosen a mid-high population realm to host our guild. It's community as a realm is reasonable, the economy will allow us to sell and buy without regular trouble. It offers acceptable options for future recruitment when we require a few more members to strengthen the raid. The Alliance of Shadowsong has also not got as many 25 player raiding guilds as other realms that are the same size and as you would expect the active 25 player guilds getting a steady show of applications.

    We intend to stop for a brief amount of time at the aforementioned level, this is mainly to allow everyone to near the same point. It also gives our management a chance to break up the preparation for the logistical tasks that we will be required to do, along with a preview of what our raiding team at 90 might look like. We don't want to do too much of the old content, since with the introduction of glyph, reforging mastery and certain talents it's very forgiving. If we decided to take longer then a few weeks it would take us some time to begin progression in the current tier.

    In addition the raid achievements are slightly more generous then the ones introduced in the burning crusade, so 80 over 70 or 60. We know most people have them, though it may be nice to fix those up for people that may not. (Mounts, Herald, any completion ism, some of the overlooked achievements to get people used to listening etc.) Just a tiny bit of icing on the cake for when it comes to commitment and being ready later on.

    Simply put, it just allows everyone to relax a bit and get to know each other in a raid environment.

    __________________________________________________________________________________________ __

    [What can we offer]

    •A chance to be part of the core of a guild that focuses on the larger tier of raiding where you can be there from the first event and onward. A chance to easily fit in, without hanging around an established guild every raid for a year or two.
    •A social, enjoyable environment where you can relax whilst playing the game inside and out of raids.
    •A path that allows everyone to settle into raiding aside each other, without jumping in at the deep end.
    •Thorough tactical discussion and planning when approaching content for those that want to assist with such forum discussion. Resulting in a more effective use of the time that we put into raiding.
    •A balanced raiding schedule, allowing us to see all the content the game can offer without investing all of our free time.

    !All of these facts are to let us get as much (As both a guild unit and individuals) out of the game as we can when it comes to aims that we share, in order to do this we should all respect the time that every other member has put in. On top of the fact we're all paying to play and have chosen to play as a team for common goals!

    [What do I require to make this happen?]

    I may request quite a lot from members, so that everyone contributes. But I understand the basic factors of these requirements are based around common sense. What's most important to me is that you can say "Yes, that is something I can do" when reading the following. You should be;

    This is so that you become a familiar player to others, as well as get the chance to know others. You're a person who won't fall behind in our leveling phase as well as being a talented individual who can contribute towards the guilds progression over a short and long term duration.

    A minimum of 11-12 hours a week should be an acceptable amount when raiding.
    In our leveling/catching up on gear phase, we require everyone to put in the time that they require in order to hit the targets. There is more then a month to do it all, typically you should require 15-25 hours a week to accomplish the set targets without any advantages such as heirlooms, seasonal boosts or recruit a friend.

    •Own a positive attitude;
    We want people that will be motivated enough to restart and go through a leveling process to be part of our team (you could say this is an initiation of your commitment)

    We want everyone to be in the same boat in terms of commitment and contribution by the time we begin our raids, so that everyone can hold there heads high as we all look forward to progression at the level cap.

    •Know your individual talents and flaws;
    We want people that know there strongest skills as an individual so that they can be built on. You should seek to improve your gaming ability as time goes on, especially when it comes to weaker points that might make it harder to use our raiding time well. If we can understand our strongest points we will be able use them more often, then the odds are that we'll get a lot further, faster.

    We require people to be able to listen at certain times (Some times more then others, so being able to recollect your focus and pay attention is a skill we need everyone to be good at) to allow our chosen goal to be met.

    •Willing to put in effort, get the most out of your character;
    As mentioned a second ago, we don't want people that will fall behind in the leveling phase. So you shouldn't be surprised that we want people that will still put effort into there character once we get stuck into content. You won't have to do it alone if you don't wish to, but you should certainly be contributing at least a reasonable amount of time in order to meet any set requirements for pre-raid gearing.

    I know it can be tedious to repeat things at times, but it's certainly worth doing when every other raider will be doing so.

    •Humble, wise and patient;
    Be thoughtful towards other members, get on good grounds and be ready to cooperate when needed. We won't force you to like everybody, but at the very least the success of your fellow guild members is success that you share.

    Have some degree of modesty and use your brain before saying things, if you lack this nature then you probably shouldn't apply to join us.

    Be wise with your decisions. We may have certain goals, and we might fall behind them or go past them - This is something people should be willing to wait and be prepared for any type of result. To say the basic and obvious there will be both worse and better times, you should be tough at the more disappointing times and keep things in check if you get really excited.

    If you feel you may wish to apply, you should also know our application question password, to ensure that people have paid a fair degree of attention whilst reading so that we can guess that you have read this information well enough to decide that you might have a purpose here. This password is: Pinkpocketwatch

    •In addition to our member base, a handful of people to assist with the guilds management will be required in order to stop me from burning out. Forms to fill in will be created. Here are a few roles that I may potentially benefit from assistance with.

    -Website features/management/content.
    -Recruitment (Contacting & testing applicants through interviews/runs. Contributing and maybe making a decision.)
    -DKP system tracking, keeping it up to date. (Or whatever system we decide to use)
    -Event coordinator/planner/thinker for non-raid events. Perhaps PvP ones as well.
    -Media management or creation, some attractive website graphics or raid videos.

    Getting our entity from forum to fact

    Over time, we'll create and update policies to help the guild form and keep it maintained. Rules, guidelines to how raids will be set up, led and how tools are distributed will be decided on first.*

    As far as the immediate short term goes, we're going to be sitting around and waiting for people to apply. Tweaking the website, chatting on raidcall. Anyone is welcome to join us for that discussion on the forum and get to know even more about how the project will be, even if you have not yet applied you can still contact us with the methods at the end of the post.

    [Follow up, got any questions, or want to apply?]

    We're always going to be on the lookout for members that want to be a part of our guilds core. You can contact us by replying here, or on Raidcall. (group channel name: Project Paradigm - Here is a direct link to that channel for registered users:

    If you wish to apply you can do so through our forum:

    We look forward to seeing step-by-step updates on the project, we hope that some of you will feel that you could have some rewarding experiences from being a part of our project.
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    Got ourselves a few nice applications still looking for more.
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    Would be great to see applications from;
    -Ranged dps
    -A few healers
    -A tank with an interest in playing an off spec too
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    Just going to give this a quick update i'll be replacing the topic with a more solid one on realm choice and planned caps, with a easier way of contacting us to At some point today once i finalize the format of the topic.
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    Updated thread: still looking for more!
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    Still i need of a good few more, Start date is set!, Realm is set!
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    Still looking for individuals who are keen to start a fresh and have fun doing so.
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    Would really like to see some apps from:

    Melee DPS
    Range DPS
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    got up a role call thread on our forums -

    3-4 Healers
    3-5 Ranged DPS
    3-5 Melee DPS
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    If you are wanting to get in touch with us via Raid-call it's best to try between 19:00 and 21:00 while we may be about prior or after that I'll be putting aside those times to ensure that i'm there if people want to talk about the guild.
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    Had a few more nice applications over the past 2 days or so, Looking for more!
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    1 Tank spot opened up, as one of our tank switch to healing.
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    We found ourselves flooded by applications yesterday so thanks to everyone who dropped an application in, we are still looking for more drop in have a look around and if you like what you see drop us an apply.
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    Looking forward to the future and what it will bring we're currently sitting on 23 people in the project while some are social members it's still a very strong number we are of course still looking for more applications., So please check out the website and apply if you think you we can offer you what you want.
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    It will not be long before the action starts, applications are still welcome of course! If you like what you have read don't hesitate to submit a application form.

    Feel free drop by raidcall for a chat.

    Best time to catch myself on raid call is around 19:30 GMT
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    With just 7 days to go before our start date we are looking quite strong. we're still open and looking for tanks, melee dps and 1 or 2 extra healers. We will of course be looking at applications of other class/roles.

    Unfortunately our hunter slots are now filled but anything else is welcome!
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    Currently have a high priority on a dedicated Tank.
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    At an unfortunate turn of events the guild name Paradigm was taken so to ensure that this didn't happen again we have took it upon ourselves to secure our new guild name Paradigm Shift.

    We are still looking for that dedicated tank as well as other spots still been open of course,
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    Still looking for that dedicated tank, with just 5 days to get on board now.
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    Quick project update added into original topic, Still needing that tank though!
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