Lately I've been encountering some insane ability delays on Throne of Thunder that severely affects my performance for some encounters. But here's the weird thing; it only happens during Bloodlust or on a certain boss mechanic (the pools on Jin'rokh for example) On Ji Kun, and a few other situations.

My MS remains the same outside and during the delay (35-50 ms) according to WoW, but it seems as though I am playing at over 1,000.

This is especially visible during Iron Qon, where we Bloodlust on pull and Jin'rokh every time he spawns a pool or when we Bloodlust. When Bloodlust or the boss mechanic ends, so does the delay.

I have tried disabling all addons and this does not make a difference.

In terms of computer I am running:

Intel Core i5-2500K @ 3.6
8 GB Ram
64 Bit Windows 7
Nvidia GTX 570

Please let me know what is going on here or if anyone else has been experiences this as well.