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    Damage Spread - Thunderforge vs Normal

    I was lucky enough to get the thunderforged version of Durumu's Baleful Gaze crossbow which I have read has an unfavorable damage spread compared to some other ranged weapons. I also just got the 522 version of the Voice of the Quillen gun which ends up with a higher end damage than the 528 crossbow.

    My problem is I'm not sure which would be better, the 528 crossbow has a spread of 14,488-21,673 while the 522 gun has a spread of 11,955-22,203. As you can see the high end damage of the gun is 530 more than that of the 528 crossbow even with the 6 ilvl difference. I'm not familiar with the statistical valuation of weapon damage and damage spread versus the gain in agility and secondary stats.

    I would be grateful if anyone had insight on which is better as it is unclear to me.

    Armory: Dfectiv - Stormrage (US) it won't let me link to it

    509/510 ilvl no RPPM trinkets 2pc t14 496 with several 522 pieces.

    Edit: sims 2.5k lower DPS for me in female dwarf but I still am not sure
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    The actual normalized weapon damage between a 522 and 528 is much more important than any damage spread.

    If anything, VotQ might be greater over similar 522's because it has a higher base agi, not because of weapon spread. But 522 vs 528, always 528.

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