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    Kingslayer Orkus, never forget.

    In all seriousness though, even if it isn't shown in-game it's probably Cairne, partly because I love Taurens, partly because he didn't get to do jackshit while he was here.
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    I guess, in a kind of related/opposite way, Illidan's death was the most... bland.

    I think it was because of the development at the time, and how little WoW had compared to future expansions, but it was a brief cutscene of whiny dialogue and then he died.
    In terms of scale, however, Deathwing had a fantastic end... like, after Spine. That whole transition into Madness was beautiful. The end of the fight wasn't too bad, but I hated the whole "explodes into sparkly lights". I would have preferred it if he fell through the Maelstrom and landed in Deepholme.

    I get that Blizzard had JUST MADE Deepholme for Cata, but it would be nice, if, once MoP came out, Deathwing's corpse was like, impaled or dangling from the World Pillar. That way, his story could have gone full circle and as the former Earth Warden, he could guard the World Pillar in his eternal rest.
    Most heroic and tragic death, however, would have to be.... Highlord Bolvar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lothaeryn View Post
    I still can't fathom why people keep saying Terenas was tragic. Yes, being killed by your own son is tragic, but Terenas brought that misfortune upon himself when he deliberately brushed aside Medivh's warning about the legion returning (of course he sucked at explaining it properly, but thats debatable).

    Ultimately, it was Terenas's pride in his own kingdom that damned him the most.
    If I was Terenas, I probably would've sended Medivh away aswell. He came over as a crazy madmen, and had no proof whatssoever that the Legion was going to invade Azeroth. He was requesting the king to move his people to Kalimdor, which would've kinda been insane to do when some unknown madmen suggests it.

    Terenas could've helped Arthas more, like giving him permission and aid to purge Stratholme, and to send a much larger army to help him defeat Mal'Ganis. Maybe then he wouldn't need to pick up Frostmourne.
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    Saurfrang. So sad in ICC.

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    Just afew that I can think of: Broxigar, Grom, Arthas, uuhh... Can Bolvar's "death" count?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3DTyrant View Post
    Just afew that I can think of: Broxigar, Grom, Arthas, uuhh... Can Bolvar's "death" count?
    I figure as long as mortality is lost than the death is genuine.

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    Arthas is difinitely one of if not most tragic death in wow. Dude was one of the nicest chrecters and he became the victim of a power struggle between the lich king and the burning legion. Worst part is that some of the thing he done like ignorting uthers advise about keeping his head cool and not lisening reason is the main reason was because he was too stuborn and this is I why think he deserved what he got. But still, deep down this guy just wanted to help and protect his people form danger but ironically He instead when and buthered them. Whats even worse he actually began to regret what he had done. Even after he tore out his own heart(most likely compleating he transformation into a true undead being) wielding Frostmorne which sucks out the soul of the user and turns them evil and becoming even more evil after absorbing the original lich king. And the real kicker is the fact his still able to love as anyone who as completed the quest to forge shadowmorne got an item called jaina's locket, whcih he gave to her when the two of them were still an item.that alone proves he still loves jaina abit in a twisted fashion as he did try and kill her and raise her into undeath.

    Because of all of this I rank this as the most tragic death in wow with gorm's death as the second.

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    i think the "death" of muradin in wc3 campaign was pretty sad.

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    Broxigar for most Heroic, doesn't get more badass.

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    I have a list, but not in any order since they all are pretty tragic:

    - Grommash Hellscream's death after cleaving Mannoroth's weapon and armour and therefore ending the Orc's Blood Curse.

    - Uther the Lightbringer for getting killed by his own pupil Arthas Menethil after everything they have gone through together, seeing the last days of the Human kingdom of Lordaeron.

    - Terenas II Menthil dying by his son's own hand.

    - Arthas' death ontop of Icecrown Citadel.

    - Muradin's supposed death when Arthas picked up Frostmourne.

    - Thrall watching his Human friend Teretha's decapitated head being thrown to his feet by Blackmoore.

    - The guy who was turning Undead in the Icecrown zone, who then got saved by the help of the Naaru. The reason being that this in fact was an homage to a real person who died that worked at Blizzard.

    - The horse Old Blanchy and the owners that died in Westfall during Cataclysm. They had been standing there since Vanilla, so it was pretty sad for players who remembered them. =(

    - The reaction Varok Saurfang got after seeing his son as a Death Knight in Icecrown Citadel and after he died.

    I could probably bring up more if I remembered more right now, but yeah, pretty sad stuff.

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    Liam Greymane was pretty tragic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harazi View Post
    Broxigar, by a magnitude. From Wowpedia:

    At the final battle over the Well of Eternity, Brox realized that if the world and the future were to be saved, his companions needed more time. Brox leapt from the back of one of the red dragons also carrying Rhonin into the swirling portal that was opening at the bottom of the funnel. When he passed through, and arrived in the realm of the Burning Legion, he proceeded to slaughter multitudes of demons, blocking their advance towards the portal, slaying so many that he ended up standing atop a mountain of their corpses— mocking more to come challenge him. It was there that he eventually attracted the attention of Sargeras, who came personally to put an end to the orc's life. However, using the magical axe crafted for him by Malfurion, Brox did the impossible, and struck a small wound in Sargeras' leg. This wound would later be the focus of Krasus and his allies' spellwork, that for a second, tore Sargeras' attention away from his struggle to keep the portal open...allowing Malfurion and Illidan to close it upon him. Brox's life was ended by Sargeras, right before the demon entered the portal, by the jagged edge of Sargeras's broken sword, and Malfurion saw Brox's lifeless corpse impaled on its end. With this final act of loyalty, Broxigar the Red sealed his place in history as the only known mortal to have ever staged an assault upon the Burning Legion's leader.

    Broxigar the Red died, not a mere honorable death, but was struck down in a blaze of glory nearly unheard of in the history of the orcs.

    Against all odds, Brox's Axe of Cenaruis was found after the battle, having not been lost with his death on the other side of the Well, and washed up on the shore of the new Kalimdor. When Krasus returned to the present day, his first act was to take the Axe directly to Thrall. Disguised as an orc shaman, Krasus told his tale of how Brox helped stop another demon invasion, and implored the Warchief to sing songs of Broxigar the Red, his legendary life, and his glorious sacrifice.

    The night elves raised up a statue to him, making him the the only orc to have ever been given homage by them. Tyrande and Malfurion honored him after the war and even after all these millenia, the mere mention of Brox's name is enough to remind Tyrande of how they lost him, causing tears to well up in her eyes

    Bear in mind, Brox remains the only mortal, living or dead, to have physically engaged Sargeras and wounded him.
    this one for sure

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    I am rather surprised no one has mention Senjin or Llane more often as divided as these forums tend to be on faction bias

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    Vol'Jin. He was a great hero, one of the first advisors of Thrall, creators of the Horde we know and love. Seeing him dying at the hands of a mindless soldier sent by Garrosh... It wasn't the greatest of deaths, but surely the most tragic. A person this old and admirable dies by poison. Those events will certainly turn to something big, perhaps we will get to kill Garrosh... Oh wait, nah, he is alive. Gotta pick another one.

    Then, uhm, I guess Rageface. The shocked and full of sadness yell of his master... that moment was the first in my WoW career when I felt I'm the bigger villian then the boss I'm fighting. I killed such a noble animal just for trinkets. I'll never be redeemed.

    Wtf, nobody has said Rheastrasza? You all forget so easily.
    One of the most tragic deaths indeed. She sacrificed everything to save us. She even sacrificed her own unborn hatchling. I was nearly weeping when I disenchanted her last child. Sad times.
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    Most heroic? Broxigar.

    Most sad? Arthas.

    Most tragic? Cairne.

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    Thinking about it, Talen Fordring is probably the most tragic. Bitter and broken, feels abandoned by his father, finds purpose falling under the (demon-controlled) influence of the Scarlet Crusade... awakened to the truth and to honor by his father's hard work with the player to redeem him... dies before they really get to reunite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uennie View Post
    Anveena. I don't care what anyone says. That was tragic, to discover you technically don't exist (you're just a vessel) and then to die after finally professing your love? Or rather, sacrificing yourself to save the entire world, leaving behind someone (the only person) who loved you? Kalecgos, who you initially think is going to rescue the girl and save the world, ends up having to watch Anveena save HIM (desperately begging her not to) and the rest of the world at the cost of her own young life. A life, that wasn't supposed to exist, and there is NO afterlife for her because of that. Anveena just ends, she disappears, having finally learned who she was, what love was, and she dies for all of Azeroth and what is left of Outland.

    Anveena, and I really wish Blizzard would do a retcon and bring her back to life for Kalec.

    I hate that no one remembers what a tragic bittersweet character she was.
    The whole bringing her back thing wouldnt work, as Kalec is in a relationship with Jaina atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkamedis View Post
    The whole bringing her back thing wouldnt work, as Kalec is in a relationship with Jaina atm
    It however could be interesting to see how he reacts and what tragedy could come of it if Blizzard did it. However this is off my topic lol

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    Not from any kind of "lore" standpoint or anything, but the most tragic death for me would have to be Bolvar at the wrathgate.

    I've played this game since vanilla and bolvar was always there in the throne room protecting anduin as a young child and he was basically the leader of the humans. I'd seen so many horde raids attack stormwind trying to kill him and i'd always jump in and kill as many of them as I could, course sometimes onyxia herself would show up and annihilate all the horde there which was also quite comical as she defended stormwind.

    But at any rate, i'd always liked bolvar and thought of him as the leader of my people from the very beginning until wrath came out and they decided to fart out the new king out of nowhere and sent bolvar off to die at the wrathgate. It was very sad after all those years, he was just tossed aside and died for nothing, just because sylvanas is a tool and has no control over her own evil people.

    Broxigar was just a mary sue and not worth mentioning as are most of the characters from those ridiculous books they make who all end up with powers vastly superior to anyone else in history every single time. Ridiculous. Bad writing.

    Rhaestrasza was also a very sad character and story. And after she dies, you get her very last egg.
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