View Poll Results: Guilds of today would clear BC's SWP (non-gated) in the first reset

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  • Yes

    435 60.08%
  • Yes but would take at least two resets

    106 14.64%
  • No, they would do roughly as well as the guilds of BC

    142 19.61%
  • No, they would take longer than the guilds of BC

    41 5.66%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brakthir View Post
    And you're delusional.
    And quite stupid as well.

    Seriously did you read anything from this thread? The people who downed the so called hard boss in SWP did that in 45 hours... spread across 5 days. That guy would go down at least twice as fast if you look at the time spent per day.

    So why exactly did SWP last that long? Gating.
    It would be fun to see how fast bosses would go down nowadays with gating... oh wait. T14 had gating. It took what.. 8 weeks in order to die?! Now multiply that number by the amount that people raided more in T14 than SWP.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peso View Post
    Current raiding is a joke and it is easily seen by how fast the content is cleared.
    Yeah bro, 3 boss mechanics was hard. Cleansing a dot, killing an add and healing. Badass mechanics there, and they applied to most bosses before AQ.

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    Raiding has never been harder than it is now. Challenges keep getting harder.

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    Seeing as most top guild members say they wouldn't, I'll defer to their opinion.

    I'm 100% sure no guild would clear original vanilla Naxx fully within the first reset. In fact I'd doubt if one could have cleared AQ40 in one reset.

    Certain fights have gone down in history as the hardest around. Twin Emperors (To a lot), C'Thun, Four Horsemen, Kel'Thuzad, Muru, Yogg 0, H25 Lich King, Ragnaros Pre-Nerf, and now possibly Lei Shen. I've talked to a lot of people who've raided hardcore from day 1 to this day and opinions always differ but I was surprised how many listed the original Four Horsemen as the hardest.

    It also disgusts me how many people here call the guilds from back in the day 'shit'. Death & Taxes was one of the best guilds to ever play WoW. And Nihilium as well. In my opinion though Heroic Lich King 25 will be the most grueling boss ever produced for a long time to come.

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    "Yes-sayers", did guild members today grow a boss killing glands or raid completing appendages? WTF?

    Mechanic of the game didn't change that much for those years and there's a limit of hurdles on WoW you need to train to overcome. At some point you've just trained to the max, have all available theorycrafting (and by end of BC you DID have it already) and all you need past this point is time and math/RNG blessing behind your strategy. With exactly previous tuning, current guilds would take exactly previous time to complete content.

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    If SWP released today - most definetely. If todays players went to the past to raid it - no way in hell.

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    All the experience one requires to tackle today's most complex encounter mechanics was already easily acquired long before even Classic World of Warcraft was ever released, let alone Mists of Pandaria. The set of skills required to raid in today's WoW is in no way, shape or form unique to World of Warcraft and could (and was) mastered by countless people even back in the 90s and earlier.

    The major difference between today's top guilds is not skill, but their approach to raiding. Today's top guilds raid much more than guilds did back in the day, and they've adopted various strategies that, for example, help them better gear up their groups.

    So please stop insulting just about every competitive video gamer who gamed in the 90s (or even early 00s) with this rubbish about today's competitive gamers somehow having better situational awareness, better reaction times, better split-second decision making, better teamwork... or whatever the hell else it is you think is needed to tackle encounter mechanics in an MMORPG.

    If anything, gaming has never gravitated more towards the casual friendly spectrum, and older gamers are probably much, much more used to brutal and unforgiving game mechanics than most of you gamers in your teens and early twenties are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magally View Post
    Yeah bro, 3 boss mechanics was hard. Cleansing a dot, killing an add and healing. Badass mechanics there, and they applied to most bosses before AQ.
    "Most" bosses before AQ? No one cares about anything before AQ.

    Bosses today aren't any better. Spread out, stack, tank swap. Lei Shen. Might as well be called Warmaster Blackhorn. See? I can generalize too -_-

    The closest thing we really had to Muru was Spine. Simple encounter, you know what to do after the first few pulls. DPS check the challenge, and simple mistakes mean you start all over. Took guilds awhile. If it was tuned how it was back in Sunwell, Muru would do the same.

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    I'm entertained that most people responding with a resounding yes fail to factor in how shitty class mechanics were in vanilla/TBC era. As one of the idiots that beat my head against a wall on 1.0 M'uru I have no trouble conceding that a top 10 guild today could take down M'uru with 5.2 mechanics. With that said, I think it's hilarious how people who started playing in cata act like boss mechanics were such a joke that everything could be facerolled in 2.X with "better" players. WoW was a very challenging game in the early days because even something as basic as threat management or tank swapping was constitution for a wipe. I don't have trouble believing that paragon could kill M'uru 1.0 with 16 warglaive rogues, 7 shamans, and 2 warriors. I also think you could do it with a PUG under those retarded assumptions since that is basically avoiding the question altogether.

    M'uru 1.0 would be easy though since after a wipe we can easily mass rez with our rogue who vanished, follow up with a great banquet, and re-engage in 5 minutes since trash never respawns. Oh wait ...
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