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    Which are the easiest fights in heroic hof and heroic toes?

    How do they compare in difficulty to the first half of ToT?

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    hof - bladelord and windlord
    toes - protectors (all these are a decent step up from hof)

    blade lord and windlord are easier than tot and protectors is probably fairly similar

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    Blade Lord, Wind Lord in HoF.

    Heroic ToES? Definitely Lei Shi.

    All three of those are easier than the first half of ToT.

    H-Protectors isn't bad, especially now that you probably overgear it a bit, but it does require quick dispelling on the lightning from Ragveil and consistent interrupts.

    H-Garalon in HoF might be a good bet too, since that was mainly a dps check and you probably have some gear to easily beat it now.

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    Bladelord, windlord, garalon is very easy.

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