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    "Computer games Destroy your social life"

    Let's keep this civilized.
    So what are your thoughts on this video?
    Trolls will be reported, please do not use heavy swear words ....

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    Been hearing this for 20 years. Aint no cryin on my part.

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    Like everything in life. Things should be taken in moderation.

    She sounds like an uptight bitch. She indeed should be zerg rushed.

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    12 thumbs up, 601 thumbs down.

    no thoughts on this video, under 2% of people agree, 98% of people don't agree, 2% of people can shut up because no-one can hear them over the 98%.

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    Got to the 6th second before I had to downvote. Everything used in excessive amounts has negative side effects.

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    She's stupid and that video is stupid.

    Same thing could be said about sports, or drinking, or banging your face into a wall. If you do it 20 hours a day your social life will decline. If you do it 2-3 hours a day you'll be just fine.

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    In the state of Denial.
    Given my reclusive and introverted nature, video games and digital-social interactions have done wonders to expand my social life.
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    People in cars cause accidents. Accidents in cars cause people.
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    More irrational ignorance. Nothing new.
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    Only if you let them.

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    All i can say is, she is late to the party...

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    Video games have provided me with far more entertainment than a "social life" ever did (not counting gaming friends, of course.)

    So my thoughts more or less agree with the like/dislike ratio on the video.

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    I wouldnt take anything she said seriously, shes crazy. There's an 11 minute video of her talking about how lady gaga is working for the devil.

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    Maybe some people aren't interested in a social life.

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    Doing anything in excess is bad for your social life. It's not the games, its the amount of time put into them.
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    I'm old and scared of new things, and upset that men aren't spending all their money on me.

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    Irrational Christians making the whole religion look bad
    Yeah, I just came back from the spirit world, and I have an important message from a certain would like for you not to keep beating

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    Computer games are the main reason I h ave a social life. You think games ruin it? Try things like art or books; that shit will destroy you if you're a reclusive introvert. At least most games these days, by their online, multiplayer, or community-oriented nature, heavily encourage socializing to get the most out of them.

    I got to the part where she says that people who play games can't discern fantasy from reality before I downvoted. I really can't be bothered to sit through minutes of her if that is the sort of drivel she'll be 'educating' me with.
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    I lol'd after about 15 seconds of her talking.

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    I have friends in the US for playing "Computer Games"... that woman point is invalid in all ways...

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    Oh, the irony.

    Someone who believes in god/heaven is telling us we don't get an afterlife and we don't respawn like in video games... but somehow we are the ones that can't tell the difference´╗┐ between fantasy and reality. =/
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    By fiber be purged

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