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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    So many people in this thread denying they have a problem. Personally, I am a gamer and I agree with the lady.
    Then you are just as crazy as she is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waters View Post

    well then

    Edit: this looks like a tim and eric skit
    WTF, shes a terrible singer and now spreading misinformation lol. She deserves to be on Fox News with the rest of the religious wing of the republicans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    So many people in this thread denying they have a problem. Personally, I am a gamer and I agree with the lady.
    Well, I didn't watch the video

    so i'm just going to assume you're agreeing with the statement that "video games destroy the social lives of everyone who plays them"
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    This is pretty normal. Every generation has its hot button topic that's destroying the moral fabric of society. When she was a kid it would have been probably Rock and Roll music, or maybe Television or Comic Books. Happens every generation, like clockwork.

    I think Jesus would like video games. From what I've read, Jesus was pretty chill. Had a really long winded way to convey a very simple rule set. Jesus didn't have much time for judgmental people.

    She really should stop trying to talk for Jesus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandmoth12 View Post
    So many people in this thread denying they have a problem. Personally, I am a gamer and I agree with the lady.
    dont become a psychiatrist...please. dont work in an asylum...

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    That is an amazingly low thumbs up to down ratio. Even Fox News couldn't get that if came on air and said Hitler wasn't that bad of a guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shop Ebay View Post
    That is an amazingly low thumbs up to down ratio.
    If you saw any of her other videos you would understand why. I mean just look at that terrible video of her singing. Its like nails on a damn chalkboard.

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    1.) Not many people are addicted to computer games.
    2.) Most people can discern between fact and fiction in terms of computer games.
    3.) "The normal reaction" - to things like death isn't dulled; you can kill people in computer games because it's not reality. See point 2.
    4.) You can still connect with other people, and be social even if you play games. Most games are online now as well, so whereas you may not necessarily make friends over computer games, that's up to you.
    5.) Bashing The Wizard of Oz - It's not about "beating witches" but rather the "witches" in the computer game are trials and tribulations that could be a metaphor for something in real life. - Overcoming hardships will make you a stronger person IRL - sure it won't give you super powers or whatever but she's completely missed the point.

    6.) She starts talking about religion stuff which sounds absolutely crazy.
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    Well, yeah, anything that would take up the time that you would normally use for an outside social life is taking it up...

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    This stuff is beautiful her channel is a goldmine.

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    A couple of things. Although she attempts to get scientific credit by explaining how children has not fully developed their brains until they are 12 years old, her whole line of reasoning is vague and completely false.

    The notion that children can't discern between fantasy and reality until they reach the age of 12 is ridiculous. She should give children a lot more credit. If we buy into her notion, that would mean we should also stop reading bed time stories, adventure tales, etc. to children. I seriously doubt that every single child out there woke up on their 12th birthday only to realise that Santa Claus was just a fabrication their parents came up with to make them behave well.

    If anything, children needs to get their creative minds inspired and fueled. Fantasy tales and gaming works very well to allow children to tap into more parts of their brain. I have a kid and he has been able to draw the line between fantasy and reality since he was able to talk. Like any other child. It sounds like she could have issues, but probably not due to computer games.

    The notion that children will suffer socially by actively gaming is also a complete falsehood. I will argue their social life is becoming enriched as they interact in new ways with other people across borders and cultures - as well as having an activity that they can share with each other and interact with each other in new playful ways. Unlike television, that is a one way street. Open eyes. Turn brain off. Receive.

    I could go on. The misconception that computer games are dangerous is based on ignorance and I challenge anyone to find scientific studies that support this idea that is usually spawned by people that are clueless about what is really going on in gaming.

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    I stopped watching as soon as I saw a middle-aged woman on the screen that has clearly never played a "computer game" in her life. Show me some commentary from a pasty-white, unwashed, unshaven, obese, 40 year-old troll that lives in his parents' attic with blackout curtains, $12,000 in hardware surrounded by cords, cats and a mountain of pizza boxes and then I might give a shit about how ruined a life has become...

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    Perhaps we should ban books, movies, and TV shows as well, since they lead us into a fantasy land...

    Nah... Fork this dumb hoe.

    Moderate your kids' play time and what they play, but don't take it away, that will mean they will just want it more and find ways to sneak around to play it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forsedar View Post
    Did anyone actually force themselves to finish this video? I did.

    The fact she somehow turned this into some religious rant makes me hate her even that much more. I play games to get away from my real life that is repetitive day after day. Sure, I love my life but its nice to get away and spend time on games. Of course, I put A LOT of time into these games but it won't destroy my social life. Its not like we just sit around gaming and don't talk to anyone or do anything. If I did that I would be evicted from lack of payments.

    Anyways, apparently we're rebelling against God for playing 'computer games'.

    Zerg rush her.

    I did...

    I dont know what the point of the video even is.
    It starts off about adolescent psychology goes into whatisthisIdonteven assumptions on the average gamer, and right into a rant on how we need to find Jesus.

    Calm down women....

    I am a very introverted type person, I feel that my social circle has expanded because of video games. I dont talk to people in my guild just about how to kill dragons; just yesterday I helped someone with a personal website project, and my warcraft guild has even created a community for those that quite the game but still liked to hang out with us...and even further were planning on going to things like blizcon and such.

    I'm sorry lady, your wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smrund View Post
    Given my reclusive and introverted nature, video games and digital-social interactions have done wonders to expand my social life.
    My first thought.

    Everything in moderation, and computer games are best enjoyed with friends.
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    As soon as I saw how many down votes it had I didn't even bother to watch it. The comments to the video were great tho lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbitus View Post
    Then you are just as crazy as she is.

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    WTF, shes a terrible singer and now spreading misinformation lol. She deserves to be on Fox News with the rest of the religious wing of the republicans.
    she looks a lot like ann coulter.
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    It's true, but only if you don't know when to stop - which applies to everything, not only gaming.

    And I didn't even watch up to the religious part you guys mention, I guess I should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Devirae View Post
    Got to the 6th second before I had to downvote. Everything used in excessive amounts has negative side effects.
    Didn't even put my headphones on ... that face is scary.

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    Gaming stopped preventing a social life the moment it started being online, and required developing a social network. There is networks! available through the same device we use for gaming.

    Saying gaming prevents a social life is like saying opening a liquor store makes everyone living there alcoholics. You have to actively choose to either partake or not of what is offered.

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    I'm sorry, who is this lady again? Anyway, I wasn't able to listen to even half of what she had to say because during 1 minute she said so much crap plus her way of speaking is extremly annoying.

    As for the concept - I've never felt good in so called social life; long before I've even known what a computer game was. As a little kid I prefered imagining things rather than what crappy "real life" had to offer yet as far as I recall (to when I was about 5 years old) I was perfectly aware what is real and what is my fantasy. I was a child with huge imagination tho I kept most of it to myself because I've felt the outside world won't understand. Given my personality, it's computer games that gave me the social life I am happy with because while in real life I felt different and unfitting, in games I've met so many people like me with whom I can freely talk and joke.

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