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    Sha/rng have a strange sense of humor;

    So I'm on my alt pally and see a group going for sha he's only level 86 I asked how many they had I was just gonna pop up there and take part for the faction tag, well i get invited to the group and get my pants to drop ...

    Now normally I'd be ecstatic, but I feel mocked as my monk (main) is still rocking his lfr pants. Oh well... rng is rng as they say.

    Any similar experiances where the RNG decided to laugh at you?

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    I thought you had to be 89 to get loot from Sha and Galleon?

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    The whole last expansion i have been so unlucky with loot. Still had blue gloves when 5.2 hit. Now 2 weeks into ToT i am already sporting 3/5 Normal Tier 15 items and a Thunderforged neck due to lucky coin rolls. Finally feels like my luck has turned.
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    I have received my tier gloves and pants on my main, and my tier pants on my alt. Both of the toons got a piece of gear from sha the first time I killed it. I haven't really focused on doing a sha since I received those pieces, so I am interested to see if the increased drop rate stands for sha as it does msv/hof/toes...

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    I have yet to see anything from Sha across 4 different characters since release.

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