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    Trouble with Primordius

    Been running with 3 healers, but we are always wiping at 30 % ish when the stacks get to like 7 - 8. I dont think we can hit the enrage timer too even if we manage to survive.... Any tips for us? *dps have been helping out to kill the adds during kiting.....

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    Feels very strange that you die before the enrage with 3 healers, we 2 healed it without any issues. I would guess that your players aren't dealing properly with the mechanics, in particular spreading for erupting/acidic, but even then it sounds a bit strange. To be blunt I'm really struggling to see any guild reaching him having issues with primordius, he felt as undertuned as jin'rokh to us, logs could be helpful.

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    What is your strategy and do you have logs you can link?

    My 10 man group 2 heals this fight and has an average ilevel of 504.
    We tank the boss in the middle and assigns all the dps to a lane of adds to single target down. Once all the dps is mutated, we use bloodlust and the tanks begin kiting the boss around the room in a manner that causes the adds to clump up behind Primordius but never reach him. All dps burns the boss until the mutation is over and then we begin aoeing the adds behind Primordius. Dps continues to mutate when possible and burn the boss. Make sure you maintain a 5 yard distance between players during acidic spikes and have everyone get inside the circle for caustic gas.

    Hope this helps.

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    Are your healers getting the buff? Its a fairly large boost for healing that is quite nice.

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    ill post logs ltr tonight after e raid

    ---------- Post added 2013-03-24 at 08:40 PM ----------

    http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/vylcval3ppx28ycu/ <------------

    Here are the logs!

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    It seems that your Evolution's are coming much quicker than our latest kill. But the main issue seems to be wiping to the evolution mechanics. A couple of attempts, people are dying to Pathogen Glands. These people take an absurd amount of healing, especially at high stacks of evolution. Make sure they have a CD active, and heals are ready. What seems to be the more common death for your raiders are the erupting pustules, make sure that your raiders are dodging these. Each one hits for over 100k.

    Otherwise, it probably is a strategy flaw. Your dps are getting Fully Mutated a minute apart, with the tanks not getting fully mutated until ~3-4 minutes later. Tanks will do a "dps" numbers on this fight due to the insane stacks of vengeance and on some attempts, healers sometimes aren't getting fully mutated at all. The buffs help healers!

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    I didnt check all tryes, only the longer ones, but from what logs show, You always loose some1 from volatile pathogen, and your paladin have 0 hand of purities cast. Other than that, make sure that your raid leader learns what all evolutions do, as i can see quite some splash dmg taken from arcidic spines. Accompanied by some tank deaths, i guess metabolic boost was the reason, it pretty much sums it up. We usually 2 heal it, but had our priest being disc last night so we 3 healed it as well. No issues with enrage, and we never bothered killing adds to prevent them reaching the boss, killed them only if we needed them to mutate.
    Fight is pretty much face roll, IF you know what are the current evolutions of the boss. Basicly for the tanks, pay attention when he have meta boost. For raid: watch out for arcidic spines to spread, for healers + PALADINS!!!!! watch volatile pathogen.

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    I thought this fight was a joke to be honest. There's no real need to react to boss abilities and to be honest, I don't even know what half of them do.

    Here's what we did:
    2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 dps.

    - Each dps gets assigned to a lane and gets fully mutated as soon as possible. When all 5 of them are transformed, blow BL.
    - Tanks kite the boss around the room in a circle. This considerably reduces the amount of adds hitting the boss.
    - Ranged dps should kill a few extra adds for healers. If you have a disc priest, make sure he fully transforms so he can smite the boss for full damage.
    - When fully mutated runs out, people should get transformed again asap.

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    We 2 shot it without really reading the tactics too much, but we probably outgeared the fight too.

    We kited the boss round in a circle tankswapping on about 8 stacks or whenever the debuff dropped.
    Non-tanking tank killed adds with his buff.
    DPS focused on killing adds in front on the boss (in the direction he's being kited) to reduce the number of adds getting to him.

    We 3 healed it btw.

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