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    Drye, we've offered different stat weight defaults in the past. As you can see, we currently have T14 and T14+ as two options. This week when we review SPriests, we'll look at adding more options. Regarding one set of weights for everyone: there's a reason we let people put in custom stat weights - so they can get personalized results! So I guess I am missing the problem you're trying to point out?
    It just brings in the whole, people just want to get fed answers. People don't like to read or learn how or what to do, just just want to be fed answers(the whole automatically doing it part anyway). I haven't used AMR since the last time we talked, that is nice that you did add in the additional stat lvls.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoopercat View Post
    Edit: I see you have with and with-out LMG weights on your post here. Do you have more options for various gear and iLevels? I'll add that to my pile of info for our SPriest review.

    Twin just updated his stats from info last night.

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    Drye - thanks for those updated links! These are super awesome to get ahold of when we review each classes stat weights. Things are always in flux for several weeks after a patch and sometimes it's hard to track down all of the changes. So TYVM!

    Regarding users & reading up on stuff: We make a tool but don't make content. So instead, we try to point people towards good content to help them learn. We try to help them learn how to use our tool with tutorials, we point people toward class-specific info, warcraft news (like VP upgrades coming back with 5.3), etc. Sure, some people don't want to (or have time to) read a lot of posts. I think a lot of people don't know where to find good info, which is why we like to point people to useful info. We've found that 1 in 20, or even 1 in 10 people will click through something on our site that points them to more info.

    So to make sure I understand:
    • You think our default stat weights need to be improved on (no problem, SP are on our list to review this week anyway!)
    • Although we can offer a few different stat weight presets, you still prefer people to enter in their own SimC numbers to be as accurate as possible (no problem, I can point more people to our post on how to edit stat weights, and a post on how to use SimC).
    • You think a lot of people haven't read up on enough SP content. We can fix that too - try to point people to more SP content.

    Did I miss anything else that you'd want changed about AMR?

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    Reading through the posts in this thread since my previous post it seems I didn't realise that people weren't already using their own simC stat weights (or taking them from another reliable source such as twintops blogs)
    My comments on using the 'advanced' feature on reforgelite really mean nothing if you don't have the stat weights to plug into it.

    Assuming you DO have these stat weights it seems reforgelite is superior to Mr.Robot if you're just reforging around getting an upgrade whereas Mr.Robot seems to come out ahead if you're totally clueless and need to be told how to gem and enchant also or you're reforging from nothing.

    Either way - getting those stat weights right is what makes the difference. And that's not always going from what a patchwork simcraft says, but being sensible and understanding what you're asking these tools to work out for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zoopercat View Post
    * Although we can offer a few different stat weight presets, you still prefer people to enter in their own SimC numbers to be as accurate as possible (no problem, I can point more people to our post on how to edit stat weights, and a post on how to use SimC).
    This actually isn't a good idea anymore since MoP hit. You made me think about it and I realized I've been complicit in the perpetuation of this idea and as such have update my description of Simcraft and what it means to the average player.

    Quote Originally Posted by Woaden
    This is the tool that is used to get our stat weights (aka PP). Unlike in previous expansions you can't easily run yourself through Simcraft to get customized stat wights. This is because there are simply too many variables that come into play with analyzing stat priorities / wights / breakpoints. There's the 9 combinations of talents, different fight types and two kinds of secondary stat analyses that all need to be taken into account. With a dedicated machine (aka the Blowtorch) it takes around ~24 hours of simulations to produce the stat weights.

    That said it can be useful alongside the BiS Lists for evaluating some combinations of gear setups with the caveat that it is to be used as a tool, but not as a bible. You can download this program and find more information at:
    I'm also now working on a tl;dnr version of things.

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    I would like to say that I appreciate the effort you're putting into improving the tool that is Ask Mr. Robot. I do truly hope that all the popular resources out there can be as close to 100% accurate for Shadow as possible. It's what will make our class the best as a whole.

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    Of course if the information out there is innumerate then the average shadow priest DPS should go down, resulting in spriest buffs!?

    i've heard agility stacking is #1 for shadow right now. Get to it.
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