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    Anyone Else Think 300 Cards is a Small Amount

    Now I know this appears to be a QQ thread, but I assure you it's not. I'm excited for this game.
    That being said does anyone else think that 300 cards isn't a lot?
    I mean when you take into account that there are 9 unique classes with unique cards, it just feels like there won't be that many new cards available from the packs or what not. Is there anyone who has had a chance to play the game at PAX who can tell if it feels small?

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    They will probably add more as time goes by.
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    Yeah, with 9 classes and all sorts of possibilities for monsters, weapons and such, 300 doesn't sound like a whole lot... But as long as it's fun then whatever, can look forward to more cards in the future.

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    The rogue deck had I believe 24 cards so let's say you multiply that by 9 that's 216 cards. That leaves 84 for weapons & neutral cards. It sounds about right for now.

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    It's important to remember that 300 cards is what they have for now in the very first showing of the game. It will probably jump in number a significant portion before the game even leaves the beta phase.

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    I would not worry. More cards will surely be added as time goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Madcaptn View Post
    The rogue deck had I believe 24 cards so let's say you multiply that by 9 that's 216 cards. That leaves 84 for weapons & neutral cards. It sounds about right for now.
    Mhmm. And with a 30 card deck size, even if you created completely unique decks you'd still be able to create 10 whole decks before needing more cards. That's a whole damn lot.

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    You can BUY more cards, so it will be like all other games like that. So they will give plenty incentive for you to BUY more cards . But tbh. as long as its not like the monsterhunting card game from SquareEnix (serious amount of pay to win there) I´m somewhat happy.
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    It's also a good starting point, remember, they will be adding more over time.

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    300 is actually fine to start out. Don't forget that there are no resource building cards in this game (aside from some spell cards), so like xskarma said: theoretically there are 10 unique decks to start out with (most likely there'll be 9 viable ones), which is pretty nice.

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    For a starter card game, it is a pretty decent amount. I mean, heck, the Pokemon TCG I believe did not start out with much more, either, and see where it is today.

    Card games like these always make expansions. In a couple of years it is likely that it will have more than one thousand cards if there's a good demand for it, so I'm not too worried, to be honest. As long as the starter edition is decent and fun enough to play, I think it will do fine.

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    Seems pretty good to me for starters. Expect addons and expansions further along, increasing the number of cards. Magic started with few cards aswell, look at it now :P

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    300 unique cards for 9 classes means we'll have 367 at least when Death Knights and Monks get added, and I'm sure that number will double such that each class can have an Alliance and a Horde Hero where possible, so that makes 733 unique cards.

    Each MTG cycle has 249 base set cards, and around 500 to 600 cards in expansion set, making around 750 to 850 unique cards per format.

    It starts small...
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    300 is a good starting point, but no doubt they will add more very soon

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    Theres 600 total from recent blue post which includes legendaries

    oops nvm 300ish~
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    well knowing blizzard this game will be blast to play with 300 start cards, But than each 6 months you will get new tier set of cards that will be better, and you have to pay or grind for...

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    No doubt more will be added as time goes by. Magic The that's a lot of cards

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    I like the amount, it's palpable, as opposed to MTG which has over 20,000 cards I saw somebody mention here. It's nice to be able to have a fully working knowledge of the game without turning it into academia.
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    They made a point of limiting the cards to keep it accessible. I've never cared much for tcgs since Yugioh was hip when I was like 11, but this inspired me to check out Dueling network for some lols and Yugioh has so many cards that when you lay them all our there's thousands to chose from, the idea of building the deck you want is impossible because the chances of obtaining certain cards is off the table (get it?).

    Keeping the numbers limited is a specified goal. I think that sort of mentality for the sake of keeping it casual will alienate a lot of fans of tcgs who want a lot of depth in the game. Because anyone devoted enough to the tcg will learn every strategy inside a week with so few cards.

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    Well for once isn't a TCG, so for the first expansion I would say is very good number.

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