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    Quote Originally Posted by theredviola View Post
    Yeah, I know. I hate how the great Alliance Hero Arthas was turned into a villain. Even worse, that traitorous half-elf half-demon Illidan.

    Disgusting, I'm sick of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zonas View Post
    At least the Alliance villains, Arthas and Illidan, have had interesting story placed into them to make them likeable characters even in their evil ways.
    Benedictus was Villain too and quite loved character for Alliance players
    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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    The Alliance has had plenty of problems (and still does). Most races distance themselves from the splinter factions that get a little too hell-bent on destruction (Dark Iron, Grimtotem, Gurubashi, etc...) However, those groups are largely individual tribes, and when they go crazy they just lose their connections with the other tribes.

    The orcs used to be individual tribes that only came together once a year. The demons organized them all under a leader they knew they could control. Since then the orcs have really only had one leader. It's not like Garrosh is the leader of the Hellscreams, but the Frostwolves can just stay under Thrall and do their own thing. Hence, the need to kill their leader and get a more respectable orc in there! :P

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    Well tbh i would love return od dark ruthless horde from warcraft 2. So little game offer to be evil sadly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Briga View Post
    Agreed here.

    It really seems to me that Blizz repeatedly makes the Horde fracture and corrupt over and over to make the alliance look good.

    Why does the last raid of MOP have to be Orgrimmar much like Alliance raided Undercity before it to take out Putress? Why not Stormwind? (now that would be interesting)

    True but with varian and Garrosh carbon copies of each other in Wrath they could have gone either way with the whole "bad faction leader" angle.
    I think you are seeing what you want to see. "Carbon copies of each other" is way way way too far exaggerated. The current Horde and the old Horde aren't and were never "together." Stop using the Old Horde to pretend like you are correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    fixed it for ya, blizzard started cata with varian being only a bit less crazy than garrosh, then alliance players QQ and they have come back with garrosh going dumb crazy and varian becoming High King.

    I think that after mop the horde will be put again in distress with the whole forsaken unsolved problem.
    Sorry, Varian has never been anywhere near as bad as Garrosh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufferunderrun View Post
    How many year passed since they where part of the alliance till fought and killed them? What role they have inside the Alliance at the time we fought them? Any alliance player has ever done a single quest for them? Have we fought them in stormwind or darnassus?
    You are trying to compare apples and oranges illidan and arthas where turned evil and left the alliance long before we fought them , today we are gonna fight the current warchief of the horde (and probably in a not distant future the leader of the forsaken) we are gonna fight inside your main capital city, we have been involved since cataclysm, no even before, with those guys.
    And? When was the last time the Horde was considered as the evil faction for the expansion? When was the last time a city was used as a raid setting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrosislol View Post
    Stagholm went crazy.
    The dwarfs leaders have been locked in a struggle for leadership for like 2 maybe 3 years now (my time-line isnt functioning today)
    Jaina is off her rocker off and on these days.
    Anduin is being a troubled teen getting in the way of everything
    Varian is changing because of anduin
    The gnomes still haven't taken gnomergon
    Genn is...doing something...i think.. nope.
    Draenei are still stuck in tbc times.
    Alliance built arthas to what he was.
    We housed onyxia in stormwind for months without a clue

    Meanwhile for horde. Thrall.thrall.thrall. Let us have our moment. We've been waiting for 7 years
    This. There needed to be a change of direction from Thrallcraft. It'll even up again sometime down the road.
    "You hurt me long ago; my wounds bled for years. Now you are back, but I am not the same."

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