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    We do Static shock and then Diffusion 1 level + 50 energy, but there are guilds I know that do Diffusion then Charge. It really doesn't matter, as long as you choose to either have static shock be the highest and soak during p1 transition, or static shock lowest overall. The adds from diffusion chain have 4mil? at level 2 which is not a big deal at all.

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    We start Diffusion Chain in P1 and then do Overload in P2. Way we do it is we start at Static Shock in P2 till about 90, then move to "the blue bombs stuff" till 90 and after that we move to the overcharge pylon and stay there till the next intermission. It will only level up once. We stack up and use raid cds, cause ball lightning and double overcharge will occure mostly at the same time. We also stay abit between each pylon and we move the boss to and from the pylon again to squeeze abit more time in P2. We lust in P3. 3 Heal it.

    Just make sure youre guys in the furthest away sector move before the 2nd intermission, so that overcharge wont fuck you. Basically they need to be in their sector stacked up when the intermission starts. Every other sectors needs to stack up aswell so a double overcharge wont fuck you. Its actually quite simple this way.

    We also have guys with immunities take the static shocks solo or we group up on it when it targets a healer.

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