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    <A> Avalerion 2 nights, 6 hours, 10 man 8/13HC ToT Recruiting!

    Currently Recruiting - 1 Holy Paladin | 1 Balance Druid or 1 Shadow Priest

    Avalerion is a guild of former progression raiders who no longer have the time to raid every night of the week but still want to maintain decent progression with skilled players. Our goal is to have the best progression we can achieve, whilst maintaining our limited raid hours.

    Raiding times:
    Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30
    Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30

    We are not a fake two day a week guild, we only ever raid two days a week even during progression.

    Our Requirements from all Raiders:

    To have 90% attendance so we can maintain our small tight nit team.
    To have a fully prepared character with the best spec, enchants, gems, and glyphs for your class and raid role.
    To have read and understood the tactics for all of the bosses on our raid agenda.
    To use consumables during all raids (flasks, food, and potions).
    To behave in a mature, considerate and friendly way to each other and other members of the WoW community.

    We are always interested in exceptionally skilled players in any class/spec, so even if you don't see your class/spec open for recruitment above but feel that Avalerion would be the right guild for you then don't hesitate to send your application to us.

    Please apply at
    Alternatively, you can contact an officer in game with any questions you have (Masith, Tonarae, Zambal).
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    I sat on my hand for fifteen minutes earlier, before hoovering the living room.

    Just so it felt like the wife was doing it.

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    I just gave my cat some 7UP.

    Now he's got 16 lives.

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    Iain Duncan-Smith: In some parts of Britain there are three generations of families where nobody has ever worked.

    I think he's referring to Buckingham Palace.

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    Would there be need for 504 warlock? Armory link

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    "I've just been watching that programme on BBC1, that proves we're being ripped off in Britain." I said to my wife, as she came in from her friends.

    "Rip off Britain?" She replied.

    "No, Eastenders, I can't believe we pay the TV license for that."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tozix View Post
    Would there be need for 504 warlock? Armory link
    Don't really have room for another lock I'm afraid

    We do need a healer!

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    In honour of the passing of Hugo Chavez, I have had his initials inscribed onto my bathroom taps.

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    On my postal route I deliver to a lot of famous singers and rappers.

    Like this letter for Example.

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    I'm combining Easter and April Fools day this year - I'm sending the kids out to look for eggs I haven't hidden.

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    I can't help being lazy.

    It walks in the family.

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    My new colleagues really take April Fool's day seriously.

    Five hours I've been in the office now and they're still all hiding.

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    Bumping bump!

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    Bumping bump!

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    another bumping bump!

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    Recruitment updated.

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    bumping bump!

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    bumping bump!

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    Despite the USA sending a U2 over North Korea, They still haven't found what they are looking for.

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    Bumping bump!

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