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    bumping bump

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    So North Korea have declared that they plan on invading Japan.

    I personally wish them the best of luck with storming Takeshi's Castle.

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    Bumping bump!

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    bumping bump!

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    bumping bump!

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    Recruitment updated.

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    bumping bump!

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    I'm surprised there aren't more women football commentators..
    The women in this house are naturals at talking all the way through a football match.

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    Why is your avatar a Kirby humping a melon?

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    Eleven meerkats are killed in a fire at a West Lothian zoo.

    Can we assume that they were well insured?

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    Have to say some of these bump posts are pretty hilarious ^^

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    he is not humping a water melon he is eating one!

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    bumping bump

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    Free bump for you guys, loved the jokes

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    Recruitment updated.

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    I'm not saying not to trust the Internet, but there's an alarming discrepancy between the number of iPads I've won, & the number of iPads I own.

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    bumping bump!

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    Who says Jesus couldn't perform miracles?

    He managed to find mates named Matthew, Mark, Luke and John hanging around in the Middle East.

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    bumping bump

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