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  • Vanilla

    67 6.65%
  • The Burning Crusade

    332 32.97%
  • Wrath of The Lich King

    476 47.27%
  • Cataclysm

    44 4.37%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    323 32.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiLLeR View Post
    Mind blown on that one~ I didn't come back for the PvE in WoW, so MoP might be good in that regard.. but leveling/PvP is shocking this expansion imo.
    Well don't know what to say really, to each his own. Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and Dread Wastes are all amazing leveling areas to me.

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    I voted TBC, simply because it was the time when I competed for Top 50 worldwide. I loved every part of it, from the insane farming to have every buff possible (before Blizzard nerfed it to 1 Battle and 1 Guardian Elixir), the lore, the encounters (especially SWP and Muru pre-nerf). The only bad memory I have is Hyjal, which could've been epic, but was tedious and mind-numbing pretty fast.

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    I loved TBC, so many good memories haha

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    Vote goes for TBC, loved every minute of it

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    TBC ofc.

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    Cataclysm: revamped leveling zones, introduced LFR. 2nd best: Wotlk: Introduced LFD

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    TBC! PvP actually had some sort of balance and u cud play ur char for more than 10sec.... of an arena match that lasts 20min.... fear stun poly cyclone frost nova blind blindinng light poison slow slow stun stun stun fear poly cyclon earthgrab stun fear poly CUZ fuck u playing is lame watching a video of ur char fleeing is so cool

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    I voted for WotLK. I loved TBC as well and I'm loving MoP.

    but cata was bad and sad.
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    MoP. I'm really enjoying this expansion, more than I've enjoyed any other.

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    WOTLK all the way.

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    MoP - So far the expantion with least issues. Sure, nothing is perfect, but the general feel of class balance, various difficulties and stuff to do is really good.

    Cata - Was a bit of a rollercoster and had some downfalls but in general I had much more fun than in WotLK

    WotLK - Huge improvement in all aspects comparing to TBC. The new stuff weren't perfectly polished yet but a very good first step.

    TBC - First try to make all specs in game playable tho class balance was still all over the place.

    Vanilla - Time sink, time sink, time sink and tons of broken stuff. Tho back in the time it was the best an mmo had to offer.

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    I'm loving this tier so my vote goes to MoP.

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    Voted for Wrath and MoP as I find them equally amazing in terms of gameplay, storylines and overall feel of epicness.
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    I liked TBC for it's progression model, where you had to grind gear to grind better gear to grind even better gear, which meant you also had to go through most if not all of the content and they didn't introduce gear gap closing instance until Sunwell. Karazhan was awesome, SSC & TK were awesome, Hyjal & BT had sickening amount of trash but they were still fairly awesome. Arena was fun although not very balanced and there were a lot of random abilities.

    Wrath had few good raids (Ulduar!) and pvp was all around good, except for the fact that they made gimp specs "balanced" by having them burst 80% of your health pool in a global..

    Cataclysm is the worst shit ever. First time I canceled my subscription because it was so goddamn terrible on almost every aspect after the "new shine" faded. However I must say I loved 5man HCs at the start of this one before I got geared.

    MoP is fairly good, will see.. Infinitely better than Cataclysm, though.

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    I miss you Wrath <3

    Can't wait for next expansion to fight next LK

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    Wrath of the Lich King easily.

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    I am sticking with WotLK also; just great.

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    Oh great another one, where we see false memories of WotLK. I probably had the most fun TBC, though i am still enjoying MoP.

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    wrath. it was just perfect.

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    Tbc fan boys mad

    Constructive criticism please. >.<
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