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  • Vanilla

    67 6.65%
  • The Burning Crusade

    332 32.97%
  • Wrath of The Lich King

    476 47.27%
  • Cataclysm

    44 4.37%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    323 32.08%
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    Exclamation Best World of Warcraft Expansion?

    Personally, I fell in love with TBC. I am not going to go into an argument of why I think it was so much better than other expansions. I just plain liked it a lot.

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    TBC i just liked fishing/ collecting herbs :S (You really can't imagine how long i spent collecting golden darters ( got 5 magical crawdads :S))

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    tbc was the best xpac minus the rate of change/fixes that came
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    hands down its TBC wrath get honorable mention due to ulduar but TOC was awful

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    i didnt experience tbc alot, i dinged 70 just as wotlk came out.
    wotlk was good
    cata bad
    mop very good

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    TBC and WotLK are pretty much tied for me. Cata was bad and MoP is even worse.

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    TBC holds the biggest feeling of nostalgia for me. MoP and LK are on about the same level of enjoyment for me, and Cata was my least favorite.

    That said, I wish they had taken a better approach to the rep grind in MoP.

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    The best thing about BC was the difficulty and linear raid progression, the pvp was good as well. Raiding guilds meant something more back then. Wrath was fairly good as well. I think MoP has tried to be a bit more like BC with the linear raiding tiers but I think LFR takes away some of the mystique of raiding. Mop also has a lot more to do in terms of pve content outside of raids with Scenarios, brawlers guild, daily hubs, mount/rep grinds, mount/pet finds on dino island etc. MoP raids are proving to be quite enjoyable so far. Overall its really hard to pick between the three for me :S but I think if i put the rose tinted googles away I have to pick MoP. One thing TBC and Wrath had that both cata and mop are missing is a wider variety of zones to level/explore.
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    cataclysm was by far the best. way more enjoyment out of that expansion just leveling alts...end game in WoW is forever dull.

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    Vanilla was not an expansion. :P

    Tbc however was the best. Raid point of view doesnt change much for me, raiding is always raiding and fun.

    But in pvp point of view, tbc was greatest...classes were more or less balanced, some shone over others in high ratings but battlegrounds were pretty balanced for everyone, and stuff didnt revolve around cooldowns. Then wotlk came and the pvp scene became Burstfest, which was dominated by spelldamage. Cataclysm was a mess, i cant remember much because i didnt pvp alot in cata, and mop is CC-fest. Way too many CCs in the game currently and blizzard doesnt want to remove any.

    They should reduce the amount of CCs everyone has and cooldowns. currently some classes do overpowered damage with their cooldowns but then they suck without cooldowns. And crowdcontrol is off the roof.

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    Warth of the Lich king for me.

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    TBC, of course. Because I started playing there. If I started playing in WoTLK, it would absolutely for sure be WotLK. If I started playing in Cata - well, hope you got the idea.
    MoP is good enough to not be bored to hell, which happened to me lots of times during Cata. Really don't know why people are still complaining.

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    WoTLK had a wonderful feeling to the continent. Ulduar, hands down, was the best raid tier for me. It also coincided with the time I was the most hardcore. I feel I would really enjoy mop if i wasn't so casual this exp. As far as BC goes... I didn't like the feel of the zones. Dreary and boring. I was a serious raider and I couldn't get anywhere b/c of my guild's drama at the time.

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    We all know BC and Wrath win all the time in this competition.

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    Wrath of the Lich King.

    Funny thing is I was most active in Cataclysm. I did all the raids and got awesome gear while in WoTLK I only did Naxxramas. But there was just something about the atmosphere of that expansion that really stood out. Northrend was AMAZING and had some of the best dungeons in the game and Dalaran was by far the best hang out hub ever.

    I really miss WoTLK.

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    Wrath. Got pretty much everything right, aside form TOC being to short a tier and coming too soon after Ulduar (which led to the issue of us being stuff with ICC for a whole fucking year). Aside from the loooong time between ICC and Cata, the only other real problem i had with it was the introduction of LFG.

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    Warth/Mists, because I enjoy questing a lot more than endgame. Didn't like Cata, but it was fun for alts. TBC bored me to death - I ended up unsubbing for the most part of it, couldn't even force myself to get to 70.
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    BC and WotLK easy lol

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    When I compare each of the expansions in my head, pros vs cons, MOP comes out ahead, followed by WOTLK then BC. MOP has more pros than WOTLK did. But with all expansions nostalgia plays a big part, nostalgia is a very powerful thing and influences decisions, but look at each expansion from its surface, imo MOP wins hands down. I think when MOP is over, and words are cast in stone, MOP will be considered the best expansion we have had so far.

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    For me it has to be wotlk, although it wasn't without its faults, they got the timing of Togc wrong and we got stuck its ICC for way too long but overall the pros outweighed the cons in wotlk.

    I think we can all agree it wasn't cata, although the first 2 tiers were pretty good, I quite liked firelands and rag hc was a great fight, I just think they got it so sp wrong with DS, such an awful raid and the entire expansion was just full of bad idea and wasted opportunities.

    All those voting for mop should maybe wait till the expansion is finished before they say it's the best, personally I don't enjoy it that much it's too focused on mind numbing rep grinds and dailys, and although I like the raid mechanics a large proportion of the the bosses all use the same models which sort of annoys me.

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