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  • Vanilla

    67 6.65%
  • The Burning Crusade

    332 32.97%
  • Wrath of The Lich King

    476 47.27%
  • Cataclysm

    44 4.37%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    323 32.08%
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackblade View Post
    The zones and story felt pretty unnatural in TBC. Each zone was dramatically different from the next, to the point where it was jarring.
    Well it was supposed to have an otherworldly feel to it, the only zone which really went a little too far in terms of different feel was Nagrand, and they probably didn't need that much water in Zangarmarsh either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brickerz View Post
    Agree. If people could look past their personal preferences and be objective, it would be a much easier poll because the only thing on there would be TBC. c'est la vie, let the dregs of society remain in their cesspool of mediocrity and failure.
    That's your opinion. You do know what an opinion is don't you? Like what this poll is asking for. IMO TBC was utter shit. It was boring, it killed PvP (introduced resilience and arenas) and raiding was more of a job than even Classic and 40man raids. Nothing worse than recruiting people and realizing you have to go back for attunements because you can't recruit people that can do the raids you're guild is currently working on. Terrible design with obviously massive flaws as Blizzard themselves changed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFNK View Post
    I think we are playing the best expansion right now. We'll see how it ends though. Cata was a strong xpac until the DragonSoul fiasco. So lets not be hasty with MoP
    Eh. Cataclysm was showing the cracks when they had nothing to release with 5.1 except the Zandalari-revamped troll instances. This is coming from someone who had no problem playing just to raid casually in Cata, and consider its beginning my favorite period of the game. Personally, I secretly harbor the thought that they even had to waste time tuning down Firelands some after how hard Tier 11 hit most of the playerbase. (And we all know how much developer time was taken up on revamped Azeroth + Vash'jir)

    Mists is heading on it's 3rd of estimated 4th content patch, and I'd dare say it's already delivered more than Cataclysm. So despite not playing it I can say I am certainly not surprised it is second in the polls. I also presume that maybe Cata's lull has something to do with the positive reception amongst those who stuck around for Mists, myself, but it's hard to really verify these nostalgia/bias arguments, am I right?

    I abstain from voting between WoW and BC since I apparently could do both. Not much of a fan of Wrath outside of Zul'drak, Storm Peaks and Ulduar (so original, I know).
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    Overall, WotLK was the best IMO. Cool raids, better questing, cool zones, lowest amount of complaints on the official forums of any expansion, and fast-paced PvP.

    BC also had fast-paced PvP which was fun if you were on the right class/spec, but the raids were boring as can be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OperationFerret View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    i wonder if all those who voted for MoP have even played longer than a year to KNOW what the others were like in their own time.???
    I'm fine with MoP in a lot of ways: class changes, rotations, I can even live with the pandas. The dailies were overdone but they seem to have learned their lesson. I just have a problem with the normal mode raids which seem...extreme for normal. Can't see how that is helping people graduate past LFR. I'd go back to LFR or leave the game if I walked into a normal now.

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    Mop has the potential to be the best expansion yet they just need to bring back 10/25 man separate lockouts and remove some instant cc from pvp. Ranged need to cast more and so do healers then this will be the best expansion so far. They have already scrapped most of the rng out of pvp as well as almost completely removed pve gear from pvp.
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    How shocking. Another "best WoW expansion" thread where Wrath is on top, despite all the people with rose colored glasses crying to bring back BC and the laughable Vanilla

    If you go by subscription numbers, Wrath was the best with 12 million players playing by the end. Even with the 1 year lapse in new content after ICC was released, Wrath still grew to 12 million players.

    Subs have been shedding (and will continue to do so) because Blizzard continues to fail to duplicate what made Wrath a success.

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    If you had asked me this question some time ago, I would have answered Wrath based on the lore. After seeing two patches from Mists and small amounts of datamined 5.3 info, I have to say I changed my mind. Of course I'm not judging based on lore alone, but lore was what gave Wrath the edge back in 5.0 and 5.1 for me. That has changed, though.
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    Wrath > MoP > Cata > TBC

    I have found myself overwhelmed during MoP and haven't played 5.2 for more than a day. Maybe I've just run out of fun things to do.

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    In order least to best: Cata < MoP < BC < Wrath

    And yes, that's my final answer.
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    TBC but I think all the people who love it forget one thing about it.

    THE FUCKING LAUGHING IN SHATTRATH. It made me so insecure

    BC >slightly> MoP > WotLK >>>>>>>>>>>> Cata
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    For raiding: BC > Wrath > Cata = MoP

    MoP isn't done yet, but overall I didn't think Tier 14 was that good.... but then again, tier 13 was completely awful and tier 12 was garbage outside of heroic Rag, which is unfortunate considering how fun tier 11 was (albeit too long).

    For PvP: BC >> Wrath >>>>>>>>> Cata >> MoP

    IMO the longer the game has been out, the worse PvP has gotten. I understand it wasn't balanced much at all for most of BC and Wotlk, but unbalanced PvP is still a ton better than what we have today.

    Since all I really care about it raiding and PvP, my opinion ends there. I am sure there are tons of people who care about lore and questing and achievements and _____ that will disagree with me.... and I am sure there are even more people who never actually played (or raided or PvPed... despite what they say) during BC who will disagree with me.

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    For me personally it was TBC, but that's just because I had an awesome guild with awesome people to play with back then.
    Now I can't commit to raiding anymore because of my work.

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    WotLK is on top, as it should be. Great landscapes and fitting atmosphere. But how the hell is MoP second??

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    Vanilla isn't an expansion.....

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    Wrath > BC > Cata > MoP. Just my two cents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlahBlahFrigginBlah View Post
    i was never an "elite" player, and never aspired to such.
    i stand by my viewpoint though, that imo the game has gone far too casual.

    again, if its something you want, you're willing to put in the work to get it. you made my whole point for me: if a recruit is not up to par on gear/attunement, then you already know they arent worth your time.

    see? i just saved you a lockout period with a failed recruit.
    Not having an attunment doesn't mean someone is a bad player. Not having the gear doesn't mean someone is a bad player. Most of those with gear and attunments were a huge failures. Having time to play or switching guilds didn't mean someone had skill or was valuable for the guild. Therefor it's better to not have any artifitial blockers for the raid spot and let ONLY your skill decide - this is how it works nowadays.

    Also, I see you prolly never really touched recruitment process. I was a guild leader and TBC model was the biggest guild leading nightmare ever.

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    Wrath of the Lich King, no doubt.

    That expansion was almost perfect, Huge raids, very well tuned dungeons, great environment, excelent lore, catch up dungeons when needed, excelent execution of hard modes, non-raiders content, everything.

    Blizzard lost their compass after that, Cata was terribly tuned at the begginning and was dull at the end, they made the same mistake that they are doing now in MoP, they are focusing on one aspect of the game and ignoring the others.
    MoP is as bad as Cata and i would say its even worse. MoP effectively killed World of Wacraft and turned into World of Dailycraft.

    TBC was good, but not as perfect as Wrath.


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    TBC > MoP > WoTLK >> Cata.

    Both PvE and PvP was so much better/fun in TBC than it was in WoTLK.
    Feels like the raiding aspect of MoP is almost on par with TBC but the dungeons are not as difficult and fun as in TBC, but challenge mode made up for that.

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    Classic was the best period, not for its features nor for its content. It was the best because the game was new to us all, an unexplored world of massive scale, the first MMO for many of us. That feeling will never return in subsequent expansions.

    As for the best expansion, I would have to say Cataclysm. It blew new life into an entire segment of the world (1-60) making alts more fun than ever. Not to mention Raid finder and Transmog are the best thing since sliced bread for those of us playing WoW for our casual gaming fix.

    I can agree that the raids in TBC or WoTLK may have been more intense, and my favourite moments were spent downing Yogg-saron in Ulduar. I do not have time for guild raid shenannigans however, so Cata's features all in all steal the cake.

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