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  • Vanilla

    67 6.65%
  • The Burning Crusade

    332 32.97%
  • Wrath of The Lich King

    476 47.27%
  • Cataclysm

    44 4.37%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    323 32.08%
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    WOTLK for me.

    MOP is cool, but it doesn't feel like an expansion to me. Nobody really hangs out in the MOP zones, and we are almost done with the MOP continent already.

    Not to mention, I feel the raids are awful. There is little to no lore, you can't explore the areas, the art isn't good, there is no really cool unique audio work, there is no epic intro or cut scenes. It is boss, boss, trash, boss and repeat. All pretty cookie cutter. Even Lei Shen, who is the last boss of the MOP continent. Is that Ulduar quality, the second to last raid in WOTLK? Is it ICC quality? The answer to both is no, yet it's the best raid in this expansion.

    What about the "main city" or area of the expansion. Does it compare to Dalaran?

    Don't get me wrong, I like MOP a lot, I just feel WOTLK is in a tier of it's own. Ulduar alone gets it the title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    Permanent Ex-WoW player as of 3/25/2013.
    Cause: Tri-Spec
    This must be the funniest reason i have read to justify quiting WoW

    Why dont you just say your are bored of it makes much more sense then "Tri-spec".
    by Aurust :
    Although i havent played it, there is I believe enough info to form a valid opinion.
    To give my opinion on the new WOW xpac..... Ive played enough wow to know MOP is a complete disaster..... I visualized playing it in my head and it was bad.

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    MoP i have nothing more to add.

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    I like all expansions except cata. Cata was a disappointment but I enjoyed every other part of wow so far.
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    TBC and Ulduar.
    Ulduar isn't an expansion, but you get the point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilija View Post
    Not having an attunment doesn't mean someone is a bad player. Not having the gear doesn't mean someone is a bad player. Most of those with gear and attunments were a huge failures. Having time to play or switching guilds didn't mean someone had skill or was valuable for the guild. Therefor it's better to not have any artifitial blockers for the raid spot and let ONLY your skill decide - this is how it works nowadays.

    Also, I see you prolly never really touched recruitment process. I was a guild leader and TBC model was the biggest guild leading nightmare ever.
    ive run 2 different guilds, but as i said i have never aspired to eliteness, and recruitment was never an issue.
    we played with friends (and rarely ran out of friends to fill the ranks), and it was much more fun than any of progression guilds ive also been part of.

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    I started playing in Burning Crusade and find myself drawn to it as it held great memories for me. I've enjoyed Wrath and MoP as well. Cataclysm was a disappointment for me. There was so much more they could have done with it when changing the face of Azeroth.

    Also, just saying, Classic is not an expansion. It was a Platform. Anyone who voted Classic might not understand the difference.

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    Oh hey, one of these threads.


    Only redeeming values for Cata were introducing RBGs, transmog, and to a lesser extent, LFR. I quit playing during Cata more times than I did the rest of the expansions (and classic) combined. Only came back because I had friends wanting me to pvp, else I would've never played again from the time 4.2 hit until MoP arrived.

    Made a lot of friends in game during TBC that I still keep in touch with to this day. Wrath (to me) had the most enjoyable pvp, although by the end of the expansion it was exceptionally lame due to how much heroic ICC gear you needed to compete at the top. This is also skewed by the fact my main spec (ele shaman) was actually viable at that time.

    Other than initially being alt hostile in comparison to Wrath and Cata, MoP has been really enjoyable...once I quelled my OCD and got all the damn rep/daily grinds out of the way.

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    Hello game fellas,

    I play the game since Vanilla. Build over 50 chars(many deleted) and my playtime average is ~1-3 hrs. Count that some days I don’t play, some others, I play maybe 5-6 hrs.
    Over the years I hear the same and same debate about which is the best expansion and why. So I want so state my opinion on this...

    Every expansion has good and bad things. But in EveryONE expansion, the changes are for the best. Blizz listen to the pple(costumers) demands, and all this years we are playing this game, they did a hell of a job! The important thing that should have a game, is to be full/complete. To give the opportunity to all players, play like the like. Hardcorers, questjunkies, farmers, etc.
    More money for Blizz, and more joy for us.
    One is for sure. The game evolves, WE are part of it, and to be honest if I must compare the 1st(vanilla) with the last(MOP), the 1st had much wasting of time(allot of w8ting) and the last expansion is much more friendly and complete, so we can play without losing our real life.

    The next thing I expect, is to see WOW2 with better engine, for better quality.
    Ty Blizz.

    (sry for my bad English, hope u understood me ;P)

    Greetings from Greece

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    I started playing around 2-3 months into the Burning Crusade. So for how classic was i have realy no clue. In my opinion the best World of Warcraft expansion is the current one MoP. Sady i have realy not enough time at the moment to do everything the expansions offers cause there are so many things to do :x
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    MoP is brilliant but Wrath only just pulls ahead for me even if ToC was a pile of garbage. The Ulduar patch was the best time I've ever had in the game.
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    All the other expansions were great, but BC was my favorite for a lot of reasons. I loved Outland and the whole alien feel it had. Hellfire Peninsula looked really epic the first time I stepped through the portal and saw it. Zones were beautifully designed, dungeons/raids were fun, and I just feel like Blizz did pretty much everything right with BC. Not many games have been able to really suck me in like BC did when it first came out. I enjoyed all the other expansions (can't comment on MoP because I haven't played it yet aside from firing up the 10-day trial thingie), but I had more fun during TBC than I had in any other expansion.

    Also, my guild was at its strongest in BC, and most of my best in-game friends (particularly some I haven't heard from in years) were still playing regularly, so there's that too. That guild doesn't exist anymore, but I was in it from early BC all the way through the end of Cataclysm. I liked Cataclysm well enough, but I think I got tired of it faster than I did any of the others.
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    This topic again For me it always will be Burning Crusade because i started back then, everything was new for me etc.

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    Wrath and Mist are my favorites do to there story and questing they both felt connected in terms of zones each one flowing into the next almost perfectly.Now worst expansion for me,Cataclysm the only good thing that came out of cataclysm was basically Worgen(only male) and the goblin race(excellent job on these)
    Burning Crusade eh it was fun at the time.

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    The Burning Crusade by miles.

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    Vanilla is not an expansion!

    In other news, Wrath of the Lich King is the best expansion.
    Statix will suffice.

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    I have to say MoP, Throne of Thunder is probably the most enjoyable raid thus far in my opinion.
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    Wrath of the Lich King, best expansion by far in my opinion. It offered us the best content we've seen so far (aside from ToC, but Ulduar more than makes up for that!). We had huge systems innovations, the first post-release class added to the game, some of the best PvP the game has ever seen, and not only good, but very creative content with an amazing backdrop.

    And naturally, if I had to point just one thing out. Anything, any one thing anywhere in the game that I can point to and say "JUST LOOK AT IT!" I of course would only be able to point to one thing.


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    Wow this thread topic again? I have to ask how many times have you personally started this same topic sandmoth12? They need to take away your thread starting privileges cause you just make some of the worst. On topic TBC will win as it has every month since Wrath came out.

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    Clearly MoP. I've had more fun doing challenge modes over the past few months than I had doing anything else in any other expansion.

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