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    [Movies] Romance / Drama

    Looking for some good romance / drama movies. I challange you to find a movie that will make me shed a tear

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    Have you seen Philadelphia (IMDB).

    That one is very sad.

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    Thank you. I will deff put those 2 into my playlist. But im looking for somthing with abit "romance" in it

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    Hmm. That was alot harder. Not a big fan of romantic movies. Casablanca maybe?

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    Before Sunrise/Before Sunset - both are great romantic movies, third should be coming out in a couple months I think.
    Casablanca - you can't really go wrong with the classics
    And for guaranteed crying, Grave of the Fireflies, don't be fooled by animation, this is not a children's movie, and there's a reason why it is on many "best war movies" lists.

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    Try those movies written by Nicholas Sparks. Like The Notebook or A walk to Remember.

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