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    good horde eu pvp server

    anybody knows a good horde pvp server for horde? NOT STORMSCALE the que time the retards the spam the lagg. id like a server with lots of pvp going on and a good ratio between horde and alliance and not a server full of boosted douchebags like stormscale

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    STORMSCALE is best))

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    Kazzak,Ravencrest,Twisting Nether... heard some pretty good things about pvp on horde there and I think sylvanas but thats not so much horde but its a stable pop between ally/horde

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    I play on Twisting Nether, it's not bad PvP wise. No queues.
    EDIT: didn't read the A/H ratio part. TN is 90% horde.
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    then have a look at defias brotherhood. they got a bit more horde then alliance but not alot. got some wpvp going on from time to time. and both sides got 1-2 good pvp guilds going. an d then rest are avarge at best.

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