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    Suggestion: a "Warning" tab

    Hello. I bring a suggestion for you guys to implement here on foruns.
    See, this is one massive forum, and it's really easy to lose track of topics and discussions that you have been contributing, be it because you lost your posts in megathreads or because you simply forgot you were in a topic in the first place.
    Im a user from another forum, much smaller than this one, and they implement a little Warning tab that, every time someone quotes your message, you receive a small Warning in that tab and you can click in the warning to go straight to the response for your quote.
    It helps because, as I said, in bigger threads, you can post when it is stil in page 3, go out and when you visit the foruns, the thread is already in page 50, and chances are high that, if you answer the quotes you received, that the other guy will also not know that you did that, thus ending the conversation.

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    Im actually surprised this isn't already implemented. There's a nice little Notification tab in the top right, but alas mine is only filled with "You have been infracted for..." lol

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    From the FAQ
    Q: Can I be notified when someone quotes me?
    A: We'll look into it, but no promises on ETA. (Sources: 1)

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