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    Don't want to multiply same topics, so I'll post in this one. Hopefully someone will reply to me as well as to OP.

    My guild is "progressing" through 10m normal ToT and right now we're on Durumu. Main mechanic that has been wiping us so far is the life drain. During the phase after first disintegration beam, sometimes our tanks get the debuff and can't defend against the boss properly, or the stunned player gets targeted by force of will and is insta-killed.
    We don't have any dedicated people to tank the life drain beams, so far we've tried to use the free tank, hunter and the shadow priest, but obviously these people might not always be near the stunned player in time. So that's as far as we got.

    Any advice on this issue (life drain), or in general on the fight would be appreciated.
    A few seconds before that drain life happens, you will see an oscillating line towards the targeted player. If you don't want your tank to get stunned by the beam, make sure the targeted player is not behind the tank and that the tank isn't right under the boss. Also, have your melee stay away from the beam. I've seen it happen a few times where melees would accidentally intercept the beam right under the eye without anyone else being able to take it off him because he was exactly underneath it.

    Other than that I've found the knockback happens about 1 second after the drain life ends and I've been able to roll out of it every time (I assume that a life-grip, feather, roar, tiger's lust, disengage would be enough).

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    Just have the tanks tank at max range and drop the puddle there.

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    The reason that this happens is, if there is no one at range the boss will pick random players in melee. If your raid stacking near the boss for healing purposes or anything? We have this happen when we are in the color beam phase due to attempting to stack up close for healing range issues. If you have people at range they will be selected.

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