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    Thank you very much !!!

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    Tried contacting you by email but didn't seem to get any answer Anyways I sent it to you if you still haven't checked.

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    would you mind if i steal some of your concepts?

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    I wouldn't mind at all, just be careful to quote the work I used directly(the books) instead of just using what as said as your own because you might get into big trouble. Some dissertation examiners are just PURE evil, they got a ring in hell just for them.

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    Ye i know, at my uni they caught 3 of my current classmates that last year tried to buy/copy their dissertation XD!!! Anyways thx for the advice

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    I still don't understand why and how people stil manage to be caught.. I mean with the rate at which children are developing you would imagine that when the get into university they know better <.<

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    Yo Bolting you didnt answer my last email. Is everything alright?
    Also what do you think would be an acceptable number of responses for the questionnaire?

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    Mmmm im sorry could you try sending it again, my email is always the same. I'll have a look in the spam folder but I don't think i will find anything<.<

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