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    Huge dps cap between item levels

    Using simulation craft at 490 item level I am estimated to pull 75k realistic dps on a training dummy as a balance druid which I can achieve but I am simply confused to see that a gap of only 20 item level 490 - 510 and people are pulling more than double that dps in raids, does the dps really ramp up that much from the gear changes?
    or maybe I am doing something wrong, satisfy my confusion please.

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    Well it also depends on encounters, i would say 20 itemlvls ahead of 490 certainly won't pull 150k steady dps on a training dummy. And neither on single target without gimmicks. The dmg does ramp up quick, because we scale very well with all secondaries and intellect.

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    To give you a rough estimation, the T14 BiS suggests 108k DPS and the T15 BiS suggests 195,5k DPS. Yes, there is a huge difference in item levels, and especially weapons.
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    dont forget that you dpsing a target dummy is likely only your own buffs, in raids they'll have all the buffs and debuffs up!

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