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    Hunter Coming Back

    Hi guys I got to 90 2 days ago after retiring my hunter at the start of Cata.

    I run a few heroics and get some gear from my guilds Gbank - 497

    After doing a 10 man run of Vaults I hit around 37k dps on Sprit Kings, now im not sure how to scale my dps within my current gear and spec etc.

    Just wondering if you guys can have a look at my armoury and point out if I am going wrong with anything, help would be much appreciated.


    Thank you for reading

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    Welcome back man,

    If you could fully enchant your gear, then the mmo champ community could be more of service to you. It's hard to gauge without maximizing your current armory.

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    Armoury hasn't updated yet, plus thing enchant blue gear at the moment in time is bit of a waste and also the price on my realm is silly.

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    1st go to femaledwarf
    2nd put in your data
    3rd ???
    4th see how far away you are from your theoretical max dps

    this is not an intention in trolling

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    Its stating around 55k dps according to female dwarf, I've been no where near that atm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncutshadow View Post
    Its stating around 55k dps according to female dwarf, I've been no where near that atm.
    now the next step is to gather some logs and compare them with the theoretical logs of FD, like uptime of something, usage count and all the good stuff.

    fixed a typo
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    The weaker your gear is, the more % benefit you get from enchants/gems/reforge/flask/pre-pot etc.
    And, well, gear matters a lot.
    Old Gods made me do it.

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