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    Need Help: Best/ Highest UK populated EU Server?


    I am pretty new to Warcraft Online and was introduced to this site as well by an in-game "friend" a few days back.

    I was also told to check wowprogress.com/realms/rank/eu/lang.en which might help me.

    I started on EU Silvermoon and played there for a few days and moved to Twisting Nether and its been some weeks now.

    It's getting pretty hard for myself to interact with other gamers inside the game since most are not using English language to communicate and using their country language. And when I joined a leveling group when they found out that I don't understand their language I was kicked at level 43

    I am worried this behavior will also be there from now till max level.

    So in hopes of some kind of help for my future gaming in warcraft, I came here to ask HELP from my fellow gamers who live in the UK or surrounding and play on a High UK player based Server and could recommend me the server so I can restart there fresh.

    Thank you all for your time.

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    check here.
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    I usually don't see anything but English in Silvermoon's Trade chat. There are a few servers out there that are unofficially a certain country's hub, but most servers use English as a main language. Also, you can't use your 5man dungeon experiences to judge a server, since those groups are assembled from servers all across Europe, or at least from your server group. All that group meant that in your server/battle group, there's a server with at least 4 people that speak whichever language it was.

    Since you are new to the game and most likely don't yet know which side of the game (PvP or PvE) you'll prefer, picking any highly populated server should do, really.
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    I play on ragnoras, horde side which seems to have a nice sized population with many english speakers. good economy, good faction balance it sees, id recommend it.

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    Kazzak EU has a high pop, and while it is a PvP server, the alliance side is pretty dead, so ganking shouldn't be a huge thing imo if you roll horde. There is a really, strong PvE community and a huge range of guilds from super-hardcore to new player friendly levelling guilds. You can always find a pug pretty much 24/7 due to the high pop and pve bias of the server.

    It's not a bad place imo, mix of nice people and buttholes, but my overall experience was positive in the 2 years I played there (taking a break atm)

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    The server with the highest amount of players is Stormscale we had a constant 30min queue for at least a month when MoP launched and still get a queue on peak times but mostly because its the PvP center of EU and 60% of the people on stormscale is hardcore pvpers

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    Appreciate all the pointers, thanks.

    I am looking mostly for PVE theme since that's what attracted me to this game after watching videos on Youtube.

    And I like the Horde cities, plus I thought why would I want to be a Human since I have enough of that stuff IRL, zombie undead are awesome

    I will check out the link given by Maemae and inputs from Maelle for Kazzak, Thank you.

    PS: Maelle may I ask how long were the Queue times when Pandaria was launched and how long it lasted? I bet waiting on Long Queues will feel so frustrating and sad!
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    My server is a pve server we are alliance and we have social spots for non raiders and its all english it seems appart from some irish guy on vent god knows what he is saying half the time anyway its arathor i think and i think the guild is the silver dawn not 100% not been there long myself.

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